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Review: Avengers Academy #6

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Reptil's promoted to class president, but his hesitancy to open about what's been troubling may actually threaten his position.

The Good

Reptil gets the spotlight in this issue and it's another three dimensional character analysis that doesn't fit the kid into any easy archetypes or cliches. Actually, he's probably one of the most accurately depicted teenagers I've seen in a superheroes. He's well-meaning but woefully confused, and he's got teen angst that never gets maudlin. The way he acts in his hook-ups with Finesse and in his counseling session with Jessica Jones were especially spot on.

The Bad

Maybe somebody was listening to Susan Boyle when they were putting this together, but I really don't get what the quote from Les Miserables has to do with any of this. Reptil says he's got a dream, sure, but he isn't really old enough to be expressing the kind of melancholy that the quote expresses. It seems like it was reaching.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Like I keep saying, I thought this was going to be a really cheesy book when I first saw the previews of it, but it's proven to be almost as dark and dramatic a title as Thunderbolts is. The fact that these are all kids adds an even greater sense of urgency to the proceedings, because a lot of them are really in over their heads and you really can't guess how a lot of them will turn out.