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Review: Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3

Mad Jim Jaspers? The Furies? This just got a lot more interesting.

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The X-Men's battle of words with Doctor Crocodile has to put aside as the two parties unite against a greater threat - - the inexplicable return of Captain Britain's old foe, Mad Jim Jaspers.

The Good

This is one of those rare superhero comics where you're left riveted without any fight scenes or even a single thrown punch - - the dialog is just that good. I'm normally leery of superheroes getting embroiled in current affairs as it frequently comes across as tacky or tasteless, but Ellis gives this enough sense of realpolitik to feel credible without it seeming ridiculous that these larger-than-life characters are standing in the middle of real world problems. Particularly, the way Dr. Crocodile started convincing the X-Men that their objections to his solution were a bit short-sighted... it added just enough complication and logic to make this feel more realistic without bashing you on the head with "importance." And Emma's counter to the despot's troops was a sick, but hilarious, hoot!

The Bad

Wolverine is a little too articulate at times. Ellis is emphasizing how his long life would make him a lot more worldly and politically savy than he's traditionally been depicted, but... even then, there are  turns of phrase that don't really fit a brawler. It draws attention to the fact that some characters' voices might be a bit too similar to one another.

The Verdict - 4/5

I'd honestly just give this high marks for its continuation of the "Mad Jim Jasper's Warp" storyline from the classic Moore/ Davis run on Captain Britain.  I didn't get to check out the second issue of this mini (from the first issue, I really though it was going to be a superfluous one-off) but my interest is a lot stronger now that an unstoppable, indefatigable unit of Furies (note the plural) have shown up. This just got a lot more interesting.