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Review: Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #3

Believe it or not, the planet-destroying Phoenix force bullet isn't nearly the strangest thing in this book.

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Believe it or not, the possibility of Wolverine blowing up planet Doom with a Phoenix force bullet and annihialting himself is only the beginning of the craziness in this issue. Once Spider-Man gets the Cosmic Cube, things get exponentially more bizarre.

The Good

As much I focus on the imaginative scenarios that Aaron puts these guys through, it has to be stressed that he gets their personalities totally right and that makes even the most unbelievable scenes in this issue that much more believable. Wolverine's whole monologue about being unable to preperly appreciate the moment was actually quite insightful - -  I've had similar thoughts throughout my own life. As for Kubert... what can I say? He's a living legend, and the triple-page spread (that's right, three pages wide) was just jaw dropping. He's got flash and fundamentals, with some truly inventive layouts that still always remain easy-to-read.  I especially like the interplay of Wolverine's more sketchy limbo imprisonment with Spidey's clearly-defined lab efforts. 

The Bad

We're already halfway into the mini-series and have no idea where the story's going on - - which is good and bad, I suppose. It's kind of equivalent to these characters driving out of town for a "weird weekend." This definitely takes this duo outside of the situations they're normally in (probably too far outside for some readers' tastes) and it's pretty delightful for that but, at the same time... you're kind of waiting for for them to get back to work. 

The Verdict - 4/5

This continues to be one of the most bizarre takes on these two characters and the MU's greater mythos that I've ever read. It reminds a great deal of what Grant Morrison was doing on his JLA run and I enjoyed it tremendously for the same reason. There's really nothing else like this at Marvel right now and, even though it's hard to categorize, I'm very, very eager too read issue #4 now.