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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #647

Changes, good and bad.

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Several stories about Spider-Man and his loved ones are told, all of them revolving around Harry Osborn's Halloween-themed going away party.

The Good

Since this is an anthology, it's best to focus on my favorite shorts, and the one I liked the most was definitely Gale's snarky goof on city labor unions. Wells' intense short about Harry Osborn's aggressive response to Vin's none-too-subtle threat was a nice change of pace and, remarkably, the first time I've actually rooted for the character. While I'm usually leery of comics melding superheroes and the real world, the short about Flash Thompson post-war life was handled delicately while still having a sharp point.

The Bad

Without getting too far into the One More Day/Brand New Day/One Moment in Time controversy, it's a little hard to take Peter's romance with Carlie Cooper seriously. And it's a little harder to believe that MJ would be serving as their go-between/matchmaker. Maybe it's just because I grew up with the two married, but this just feels... dirty.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Even with my qualms about the new developments in Spidey's love life, I still think that the changes made to his supporting cast and the new directions they've been taken into are all quite sensible. Whether it's JJJ becoming Mayor, Aunt May marrying JJJ Sr. or even Harry Osborn going off on his way, it's all a lot more interesting than that status quo I've been used to for years.