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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #639

Part two of the O.M.I.T. storyline.

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MJ and Peter continue their one on one talk to discuss what happened on the day they were supposed to get married.

The Good

I never thought that a single issue of two people sitting around talking about their past relationship would ever be interesting, let alone a whole storyline of it. One Moment in Time proves me 100% wrong. The story is engrossing, even though there is no action within the book. It's great to see this story play out as two people try to right their wrongs. My favorite thing about this issue, and story arc, is the difference in art styles. When MJ and Peter are sitting in the apartment going over things, there's a very contemporary art style; however, when they go back to discuss the actual event, we have an earlier art style: Flatter colors, heavier lines. This book is mainly dialogue, but really good, compelling dialogue, so don't let the amount of word bubbles in here scare you away. It's all incredibly great stuff.

The Bad

Now, I'm not a religious follower of the book, but I do know Mephisto wiped a whole bunch of things clean during One More Day, including when he revealed himself to the entire world. If that's so, how come that event is mentioned in this book? Aside from that, I really didn't care for the Spidey Sundays back-up. It's a little too light hearted to be smash together with the O.M.I.T. story, which so far, is a huge downer.

The Verdict 4/5

Surprisingly enough, this has been a great storyline so far. As much as I don't like to see whole issues of people working out relationship problems because I'd rather see heroes fighting villains, this issue works. For me, it's more than just a great story, with the added bonus of some fantastic looking artwork. I'd highly recommend this issue to anyone that's ever been a Spider-Fan. To everyone else, pick up issue 638 AND 639 to see what I'm talking about.