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Review: Amazing Spider-Man 636

Featuring the return of Kraven the Hunter!

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Kraven the Hunter is reborn, and Spider-Man is dead? What about the rest of the Spider-friends? Will they survive their time with the Kraven family?

The Good

This book has a lot of stuff I'd normally hate, but somehow it works incredibly well: resurrections, sons/daughters of heroes/villains, the switcheroo. No one stays dead in comics, ever. However, the idea of bringing a man back to life, who didn't want to live in the first place is something I don't think we've ever seen before, and yes, that aspect is discussed in the book. For me, a person who really liked Kraven as a child, I was so saddened to see him alive again, and only because he doesn't want to be here, but that added so much more to the story for me. Quick history lesson: During the late 90s, there existed the M2 universe inhabited with the sons and daughters of heroes and villains with cheesy names like J2 (Juggernaut's son). The books were bad, real bad, but here, we have much more than relatives, we have a family dynamic that is so blinded by what they want, they completely forget how Kraven originally died, by blowing his own head off. And onto the switcheroo, I don't want to get too into it because I'll blow the story, but this overused tv sitcom gimmick is actually done perfectly here because of who switches with who and how it plays in with the Kraven family. Lastly, the last page, or "reveal page" looks like it's setting up a kick (swear) last issue.

The Bad

I skimmed through the last issue and didn't really read it, but why is Chameleon in this book? I mean, I know how he plays into the plot. I gathered that from the recap page, but why does this character still exist. He's awful. Use somebody that isn't boring. The only other thing I didn't like about this book was the back-up story, and that's mainly because it's not a par with the main story of the book. It wasn't interesting, nor was it that great of a read. When you find yourself skimming through the back-up story, you know something is wrong.

The Verdict 4/5

This book really surprises me. I may not have liked part 2 of this story, but this issue completely surprised me. There's a lot of elements that, traditionally, I hate to see in books or films, but this issue proved to me that I don't have to hate the elements themselves, but merely the people writing it. This issue did a lot of things write in my opinion, and once again, even though I've never really liked Spider-Man, this book is continuously one of the best books at Marvel.