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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #632


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  The Shed story continues with part 3 as Spider-Man hunts down the Lizard after he killed his own son Billy Connors.

The Good

I've never been a huge Spider-Man fan, but I've been off and on following everything after the events of One More Day to see how it affects Peter's life, and sometimes the stories are hits and other times, they are misses. This Shed storyline, and especially this issue is one gigantic hit. The story had two different artists, which I'd normally hate: Chris Bachalo pg. 1-5 and Emma Rios pg. 16-22. As you were reading, you could tell pretty obviously that their were different artists on the books, but both styles were very nice and complimented each other very well, for the most part. As I said when I reviewed part one of this story, I love how Bachalo sets up his panels, and I love his splash pages. There's a great amount of detail within the work and nothing is muddy or confusing when you look at the pages. My favorite part of this issue was after so many years of the Lizard being well, "The Lizard," we finally got to see an evolution of the character in mind and powers. He's now a character that could become Spidey's A-List villain. Aside from all of that, this book is flat out enjoyable and fun as heck, and luckily you don't have to wait more than two weeks for the next issue, since Amazing Spider-Man comes out three times a month!

The Bad

I mentioned the two artists on this book. The second artist Emma Rios has some great work on her pages, except for Spider-Man himself. My only real concern is that it looked way too much like Steve Ditko's work, which usually isn't a bad thing; however, in this case, the difference in between how the Spider-Men look is distracting.

The Verdict: 5/5

PICK OF THE WEEK! This was the most fun I had reading a comic this week. It's characters I grew up with, and it puts a new spin on the characters. The art and writing are fabulous, and you don't have to be following this book hardcore to understand what's going on.