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Review: Aliens Vs. Predator- Three World War #4

Wait, what did I just read?

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Wait, what did I just read?

The Good

The art was pretty strong in this issue. I can imagine it would be difficult to capture a world that is fictional, and the artistic team that worked on this book seemed to work really well together to capture the momentum in this issue.

The Bad

The story opens to what looks like an invasion, and while the events seem muddled at first, they do become more clear as the issue progresses. From what I could tell, not a lot happens in this issue. There is a lot of technical jargon which can sometimes make reading a pain in the neck, and there is really only one action sequence toward the end which ends abruptly and flat. It felt as though the entire issue was building up to this one invasion at the end and when we finally get to the invasion, it lasts for only a page and a half.

The characters seem empty, which makes it difficult for a reader to sympathize with their situation. The writer should have utilized some sort of narrative (perhaps omniscient) introducing the characters to aid the reader and help the reader to follow along with the story.

The issue definitely caters to those that have been reading the series all along, and not to the new reader. If you are new to the series, and you want to delve into the Aliens Vs. Predator universe (especially with the new movie coming out), then be sure to pick up the last three issues before you read this one as you might find yourself almost completely lost.

The Verdict - 2/5

To be honest, I may have enjoyed this issue more if I had a better background on the Aliens vs. Predator Universe. However, even with a better understanding, this issue does not do very much for the story's progression.