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Review: Action Comics #890

Lex Luthor is back!

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Lex Luthor stars in this story as he tries to search the universe to find more power rings. More importantly, he wants a black lantern ring. During the rise of the deputy lanterns, in which Lex was an Orange Lantern, I was hoping he, and the other deputies, would keep their rings for a little while after Blackest Night. This didn't happen, but thankfully, Lex is wants that power again.

The Good

Best part of this issue is the fact Lex Luthor stars in it. I've never been the biggest Superman fan, so seeing this villain, who I loved in the Blackest Night storyline, star in this issue was a lot of fun, for me. I loved the insight we get into the mind of Lex Luthor and his quest to find the Black Lantern rings. He is truly an obsessed character. This type of storyline may have been done before, but hey, it's new to me. Another interesting element touched upon is Lex discussing the after-effects of the Orange Lantern ring and how he felt as he was controlling it. The artist on this book was the artist on Last Stand of New Krypton, and it does its job well.

The Bad

Don't be fooled by the cover, although it is extremely awesome. You won't get much Orange Lantern Lex action in... well, Action Comics. Also, if you're like me, you've also been annoyed the past month with the first few pages of this book appearing in every DC book. So, by the time you actually get the book, you're a little annoyed. Last page reveal was something I hated... HATED. 

The Verdict 4.5/5

This book was incredibly refreshing to a series that's gone 890 issues. Sure, Superman has been gone from this book for almost a year, if not more, but I'm really enjoying Lex Luthor taking center stage here. It's nice to see a villain, who recently had a part in a major event, star in a book. This is one of the more interesting stories I've read in a while, and a new take on the world of the Lantern Corps. Highly recommend!