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Review: Abe Sapien - The Abyssal Plain #1

Abe gets a new mini-series!

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There are some interesting characters in the Hellboy universe but you have to admit there's just something about Abe Sapien. Here we get a nice two-issue story starring Abe.

The Good

It's written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi so you know Abe's in safe hands. The story begins with a flashback and you really get a sense of what the individual involved is going through. It's a nice set up that later requires Abe to go in search of a missing submarine. Perhaps you could imagine what a scene with Abe finding an old sunken sub but Peter Snejbjerg really captures eerie tone of what that would be like. Floating dead bodies only intensify the spooky tone on the pages. Of course just when things look as if they're going smoothly, the story takes a turn. The last page will make you want to come back for the second issue.

The Bad

At 22 pages, the story feels as if it flies by. That could be good as in it doesn't drag on. It's just that for $3.50, you're left wanting more. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing. While the art and story are nice, the fast pace makes it feel as if it's a little light on the action. Then again, Abe isn't necessarily an action hero.

The Verdict - 4/5

There's simply something really cool about Abe Sapien. I enjoyed seeing him get his chance in the spotlight but it would've been nice to see him do more. The way this issue leaves you hanging, it's possible that there will be more action in the second issue. Fans of Hellboy and BPRD will want to check this out. The writing and art makes it feel as if it fits perfectly with the other stories.