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Report: Mark Ruffalo on Set for 'Captain America: Civil War'

Could Bruce Banner or the Hulk be making an appearance in the film?

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Back in May, actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner in the Avengers film, tweeted out a message that alluded to him appearing in Captain America: Civil War. There wasn't any confirmation as to whether or not he'd be in the film though. Now, German website Bild reports that Ruffalo is on set in Berlin for the filming of the third part of the film.

Since this week the US superstars Chris Evans (34), Mark Ruffalo (47) and Anthony Mackie (36) together with Spectacle Star turn Daniel Brühl (37) the third part of "Captain America" ​​in Berlin. It could cost to the superhero but a big bang once in Berlin's nightlife. (Translated by Google)

Which side will Bruce Banner take if he is in fact in the film? We broke down the heroes from the Avengers and picked sides for them back in May, including Banner, and we think he'll side with Tony Stark because of the connection to Ultron with Tony, but the description almost makes us think that not only will this be a cameo, but Banner may side with Captain America. What do you think?