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Red Robin #4 Reviewed, What's The Bat Symbol Mean?

G-Man reviews the issue and talks about the bat-symbol Tim finds.

Yesterday DC revealed that Tim finds a certain bat-symbol found in a cave.  What does this mean?  Is he about to discover the truth about Bruce Wayne?  Is his search near its end?  

Are you reading Red Robin?  I mentioned in the video that this is one of the most important books in the Bat-family line of books.  Thinking about it, you could probably say it is the most important book.  Tim is the only one that believes that Bruce is still alive.  As brilliant as Bruce is, I'm not sure if he can return from wherever or whenever he is.  Tim just might be his only hope.
Chris Yost has added a new layer to Tim.  While Tim has been proving himself since he first became Robin, now we see him finally stepping up and really going out on his own.  Sure he's operated solo before but this is different.  He's putting himself in new and dangerous situations.  I do wonder what will happen to him after all this.  What will happen to his character?  Will he be able to return to Gotham as the same person?  What will the others think about him working with Ra's al Ghul?  What will Bruce think?  You should definitely be reading this book.