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Red Robin #4: Red Robin Vs Batman?

Uh oh, hold onto your hats.

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This should prove to be interesting.  Robin Vs Robin.  Tim Drake Vs Dick Grayson.  On September 9, 2009, Red Robin #4 is on sale.  It's written by Chris Yost with art by Ramon Bachs.  In the final issue of the first arc, Red Robin's search for Bruce Wayne takes him to the Middle East.  At his side is the League of Assassins.  How far is he willing to go to prove that Bruce is alive?  Once he learns the truth, will he survive long enough to tell anyone?  And why is the new Batman trying to stop his quest?
With Tim fighting Dick, who do you think would win?  Dick has more experience but has Tim surpassed Dick in his training.  He's taken a different rode and has really changed his outlook on things since Bruce has disappeared.  Who would you place your money on?
The cover is by Francis Manapul. Check out the preview pages courtesy of DC.

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