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"Red Robin" #3 Reviewed!

Babs takes a look at the latest issue...

Okay, so up until this point I had been really loving this series. Tim Drake has always been one of my favorite characters and when I found out that he may possibly have been teaming up with Ra's al Ghul, my all-time favorite super-villain, I got really excited. Top it off with stellar-writer Chris Yost, and you have the ingredients for a possible masterpiece. Unfortunately, as you can see, I was less than impressed by the very jumpy third issue in this series; which surprised me considering how much I enjoyed the two previous issues. This is a good example of writing that had poor direction, but the story is still inherently good. While I was not crazy about the third issue, I love Tim so I can not help but anticipate issue four. Did you guys read the issue? Do you disagree? Did you think it was good?