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Real-Life Research Being Conducted into Superpowers?

There's a new initiative exploring the 'genetically gifted.'

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We just stumbled on the Tandem Initiative website, which appears to be doing research into evolving genetics and “Homo Sapiens Superior.” Obviously it’s easy to be skeptical. It’s weird that you have to enter your birthdate and they are asking for people to share their “gift,” if they have one. They don’t say the word “mutant” but refer to “ genetic gifts,” and there’s a telekinetic right there on the front page.

You can send in a photo displaying this gift and you can describe it. Seems that this“Tandem Initiative” says their mission is to “scientifically bring the world together” and wants to explore those that are gifted, and remap the Homo Sapiens Superior genome.

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There's also a section you can "meet others." Apparently these are either people that have sent in their photos or maybe people being researched? The website is copyrighted to the Tandem Initiative so you have to wonder what this is all about.

Check out the site for yourself: What do you think this is all about? Is this all a scam or is research really being done?