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Preview: IVX #4

The fight between the X-Men and Inhumans continues.

IVX #4

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(W) Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire (A) Javier Garrón (CA) Leinil Francis Yu

• The young Inhumans devise a crazy plan to infiltrate Muir Island...The only thing standing in their way: the master of magnetism himself, MAGNETO.

• Meanwhile, Medusa and the other royals mount a desperate effort to escape from the mutants' prison in Limbo...

• ...and an X-Man changes sides!!

Rated T+

DEC160906 In Shops: Feb 08, 2017 SRP: $3.99

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Posted By Champion99

"The fight between X-Men and Inhumans drags on."

Mosaic is the new Ulysses. A character specifically created to be this event's Mary Sue.

Were you even thinking when you typed this?

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Posted By jeanvaljean11

Wow...they really gonna ruin Emma. Too bad, one of my favorite.

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Posted By mogo1

@judasnixon: omg I'm laughing so hard about the googly eyes

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