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Power Man and Iron Fist Series Coming to Marvel

David Walker and Sanford Greene are bringing the duo back to comics.

When was the last time Luke Cage and Daniel Rand teamed up? Luke Cage has taken on different roles recently and is currently married to Jessica Jones and they have a daughter, Dani. Iron Fist had a pretty crazy series recently courtesy of Kaare Andrews. The two have worked together but haven't officially be "Power Man and Iron Fist" in a little while. All that is going to change.

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Marvel has announced, via Fast Company, that the two former Heroes for Hire will return, together, in a new series. This could explain why both were absent during the All-New, All-Different Marvel promo images.

David Walker (CYBORG, SHAFT) will be writing the series with Sanford Greene (RUNAWAYS, UNCANNY AVENGERS) taking on the art. 

Walker mentioned Axel Alonso asked him what characters he'd most be interested in and the two together were at the top of his list. He referred to them as "The ultimate bromantic couple."

Greene resisted the urge to try to bring back the tiara for Cage when he provided character sketches.

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Marvel editor Jacob Thomas stated the two creators will be bringing in their own style along with some old school enemies such as Tombstone and Black Mariah.

POWER MAN AND IRON FIST is scheduled for early 2016.