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Power Girl Returns To DC Comics In Upcoming WORLD'S FINEST

We get our first look at Power Girl and the Huntress with the reveal of WORLD'S FINEST #1 Cover.

Earlier we got a look at the variant cover to the Earth Two Justice Society book being written by James Robinson with art from Nicola Scott. Now DC has given us a peek at another "Earth Two" project they have been cooking up.

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Above is our first look at the cover to WORLD'S FINEST, a new series coming from DC starting this May that will feature the return of Power Girl to the DC Universe. And who better than the Huntress to be at her side? WORLD'S FINEST will be written by Paul Levitz and feature art from George Perez and Kevin Maguire. The cover to the series' first issue comes from Perez. What do you think of the image? Do you like Power Girl's new costume? Are you looking forward to the character's return to comics?

Source: DC Source