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Power Girl Model DC Universe Online

Look who's busting out in this new game. Busting out... Get it?

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Thanks to the DC Universe Online Facebook Page, we now get to see the latest Jim Lee creation for DC Universe Online: Power Girl. On the facebook page, you can get AIM Icons, wallpapers, avatars featuring PowerGirl and others. Others being some of the other characters announced for this game: Flash, Grundy, Luthor, Doomsday, Hal Jordan, Bizarro, Nightwing, and Zatanna. You can find wallpapers for all of these characters on the site. 
PowerGirl looks really cool though. The outfit is dead on, and so is ::ahem:: everything else. The bar for this game was really lifted when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, now major parts of the DC corporation, signed on to work on the game. We know the story is going to be great, and we've already seen that the game looks great? But what about gameplay? What about a release date?  The main DC Universe site doesn't seem to have any info, and the facebook page just says, "coming soon." But how soon will we have to wait to try and search the city to stalk PowerGirl?

What do you guys think? Does she look good? Is this game going to be good?
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