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"Power Girl" #4 Reviewed!

Babs reviews the latest issue of 'Power Girl'

Babs Reviews Power Girl #4

Power Girl #4
Written by: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Amanda Conner
Where to begin? I feel as though I have been giving characters I would not normally give a chance, a chance. Dare I admit I almost like Power Girl? Alright I will admit, she is an okay character. I can recall a time when I felt that Power Girl was the last comic book character I would ever be caught reading. I think most of us can agree that PG is most well known for her cup size; that isn't why I have been disinclined to read her comics, however, (let me be clear, I don't discriminate against cup size). I simply assumed that she was an oversexed character that catered to the male readership. I completely underestimated good writing, and now I can eat my words. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti write her really well, proving that Power Girl is more than just a busty blond, but a character with a lot of depth who is a blast to read! The fourth installment in the series proves that comics can be fun again! I cannot fail to mention the fact that Amanda Conner's art work brings a wholesomeness to the character that most artistic interpretations fail to do. 
One thing I absolutely adored about this issue was the fact that I did not need to read the previous three in order to grasp what was happening in the story. From what I can tell, each issue is structured as a self contained story making the books in this series relatively easy to pick up if you are new to the character and the series. I can not stress how much I love that! If I can read a comic book, be entertained, and not have to research the plot and subject material in order to understand what is happening, it makes reading the book all that much better.