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Potential Hulk Spoilers For Marvel's Phase Two and Three Films

Two big stories could play a major role in Marvel Studios' future films!



Marvel Studios' Phase Two is right around the corner but Latino Review is looking beyond that -- they've got their eyes set on Phase Three. Keep in mind this is technically just a rumor, but it's a very, very interesting one which puts a heavy focus on the character that stole the spotlight in The Avengers... The Hulk!

According to the website, Avengers 2 will have the cinematic equivalent of the Illuminati send Hulk off-planet towards the end of the film or even during the mid-credits sequence. The Illuminati, eh? We know Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange are confirmed, but this leaves a few seats empty. Professor X is clearly off limits since Fox has the rights to the character, but does this mean we'll see Namor, Black Bolt or Black Panther down the road? I hope so! Now, if they're going to shoot him into space that means he's going to do some major damage in the film. Considering how fun the last battle in The Avengers is, that could make for some majorly awesome scenes. While this would certainly be cool to watch, it makes me wonder how this would go about happening since Avengers confirmed (again) that Banner is in control.

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If you're a fan of the Hulk, then you know this leads to... Planet Hulk! This would apparently be his own standalone movie in Phase Three. Hulk smashing aliens? Sounds good to me! Then, when all is said and done with the Planet Hulk story, the Green Goliath allegedly heads back to Earth in Avengers 3 ... and as you know, his return can only mean one thing... World War Hulk! That's absolutely something massive enough to span into the solo films, too. Plus, who honestly wouldn't want to see more of movie Hulk battling his peers?

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Will this all happen? Only time will tell, but right now it's definitely something very fun to think about! Would you like to see Marvel Studios go down this path or would you rather see different stories?

UPDATE (again)

Joss Whedon has told IGN the rumor is "nonsense."

Mark Ruffalo has also denied the rumor on Twitter, claiming there aren't any current plans for a solo Hulk film.

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Source: Latino Review

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Posted By Cafeterialoca

I'll be honest, I'm kinda disappointed that Avengers 3 might just be WWH. I mean, we have so many Avengers villains we could get, like Ultron or Kang, but Hulk as the villain? I don't like it.

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Posted By dondave

Good Idea

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Posted By GodDamnIronMan

I don't think this is a good idea. Here are the problems:

1) What after Planet Hulk? WWH? They need to bring in MANY MANY characters in order to make it BIG. Not to mention that some company like Fox and Sony still own the right of some major characters like X-men and FF.

2) The characters developments. how about the background story of major characters? What drives Hulk so mad? why they need to send him away? People doesn't read the comics will get confused...they need to get all these things done in just 1 film? A bit too much for the audience to digest.

3) CGI, we'll expect something like the Avatar...massive CGI in to make it large. Like Michael Bay films all over again....which I don't like...

Avatar image for reignmaker
Posted By Reignmaker

I wouldn't mind if they adopted this plan.

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Posted By Eivion

I would actually love to see Planet Hulk adapted onto the big screen. Its a fantastic story. Even though I love WWH I would prefer they avoid that one though as I'm also hoping for a villain like Ultron to be used in one of the future Avenger films.

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Posted By danhimself

I think that it's an awesome idea but I'd want at least one more Hulk film before any of it started....they need to set it up with Banner losing control of the Hulk and really wrecking some huge area

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Posted By bumpton

Man, I'd be pretty bummed if Avengers 2 and 3 focus this much on Hulk. He's cool and all, but like others have said, there are just better stories to tell. Plus, it just doesn't seem like a very Whedon-esque story...

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Posted By wmwadeii

They did a Planet Hulk animated and it was good, not sure if it can be pulled off in the Live action universe. Space is an odd beast to make work for a wide audience. World War Hulk though would be a great Avengers 3 tough.

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Posted By Grey56

The Planet Hulk storyline was the most long-developing and arguably ambitious project the character has gone through during recent years outside the exception of the Bruce Smith arc which preceded it. There's a lot of room to breathe life into characters and sub plots which might appeal to any writer or director. Thumbs up if they go this route.

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Posted By sky-pirate

Nah, I'd rather they keep Bruce on Earth. Perhaps introduce She-Hulk, as part of a subplot in TIH 2 (which would be followed by a Lady Liberators movie).

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Edited By TheMultiverse

While this plan would be very easy, very easy to mess up completely if done right it would be amazing. Illuminati without Reed Richards, or Professor X? That would be rough, but black panther would do it justice. The alternative is that we get either A) No hulk movie at all, or B) Another Hulk fighting the military, and hiding in the desert film. Neither of which i want to happen.

Imagine WWH leveling Wakanda on the big screen. That would be incredible. lol.

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Posted By evilvegeta74

@judasnixon said:

Beta Ray Bill?
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or the Surfer unless Fox has right to him too,Speaking of Fox isn't time to cut them out of the picture. I hope the Hulk rumers turn out to be true.

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Posted By KingdomCome

Absolutely no chance.

One, the majority of the Illuminati members are under the possession of Fox. Secondly, Bruce Banner within the Marvel Film Universe has control of his abilities, and it's not like Joss Whedon to re-tred plot points. Also, I may be being a little pre-presumptuous here, but I'm guessing "Avengers 3" would be the final film in the Marvel Film Universe, why would they choose to end it with Heroes vs Heroes?

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Posted By BritishMonkey

i knew this was coming anyway.

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Posted By Eivion

I'm not sure why everyone thinks the Illuminati is needed for the Planet Hulk storyline. Yes they were used in comics, but sending Hulk away from Earth is the type of thing I can imagine any government or clandestine organization choosing to do eventually when weighing the damage caused trying to capture or kill him versus just sending him away.

Avatar image for GrimoireMyst
Posted By GrimoireMyst

If they do it I hope it will be a lot better than the animated Planet Hulk that had too many missing moments and characters that made the arc great. Having the movies focus more on the Hulk if fantastic news though since he is my favorite hero.

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

This sounds almost too ambitious for Marvel. Also I don't think people should use the "He's got his powers under control" thing as an argument. They could just go with the comic reasoning that they just think he's too powerful to leave on earth. The one thing I didn't like about planet and world war hulk is you only see Hulk. It makes everyone forget how awesome Bruce Banner is. If we had a Planet Hulk movie we'd only see Mark Ruffalo like twice.

Avatar image for themess1428
Posted By TheMess1428

Using World War Hulk for Avengers 3 kinda limits how many big stories we could have as movies like Ultron, Secret Invasion, or Civil War, as well as countless others, because choosing all the ideas for the first 3 movies and leaving all those amazing stories out. It's hard to believe it would be possible to continue with more movies like Avengers 4, 5, 6 and on, so the possibility of these other stories would be hard to do.

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Posted By Fantasgasmic

@SBboard said:

It's probably not going to be the Illuminati as we know them in 616. My guess is the people who Nick Fury reported to in the Avengers (who tried to nuke NYC) are the MCU's version of the Illuminati.

THIS, duh.

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Posted By Novemberx2

urgh fed up of these rumours, from lazy journalists, who say "well that happened in the comics so it must happen in the next film"

cause tbh i don't remember the avengers being formed to chase the the all spark from transformers movies which is the hands of loki who plans on giving it too thanos and using the aliens from the Ultimates to help him.. hmm cause non of thats ever happened in the comics

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Edited By Reignmaker

@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge said:

Been There, Done That.
Been There, Done That.

Sounds a little extreme for Planet Hulk and WW-Hulk to be on the big screen...PLUS we already have a PLANET HULK movie from a couple of years ago...or did you forget.

Animated direct-to-DVD flicks have a pretty narrow audience. And comic fans should know by now that the full-length Hollywood movies aren't being made for them anyway.

Harsh, I know, but true.

Avatar image for tommythehitman
Posted By TommytheHitman

I think what they should do with a Hulk film is bring back some of his classic villains. Although a World War Hulk film would be frickin AWESOME!

Avatar image for mucklefluga
Posted By Mucklefluga

That would be quite cool on the big screen

Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

I don't mind this idea/rumour mainly because it would be a requisite that certain characters be added such as Black Bolt (who would be frickin' amazing on screen, if they made him look just like he does in the comics) and World War Hulk would have to have Sentry (my favourite) because he's the one who eventually stops him.

Avatar image for jamdamage
Posted By JamDamage

I like the idea of Planet Hulk. I wonder about WWHulk tho. Who would the final fight be against? Thor? An introduction to Sentry or maybe Hyperion. I was a Sentry fan, but I think bringing in Hyperion as a Sentry type head case could work for a movie.

Avatar image for yourneighborhoodcomicgeek
Posted By YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

World War Hulk on the big screen would be so epic.

Avatar image for mk111
Posted By mk111

This all sounds cool, but....I dunno, I'm taking this with a grain of salt...

And can Hulk really be the big bad in Avengers 3?

Avatar image for necrotic_lycanthrope
Posted By Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Not big on Planet Hulk (Justice League had a better version of it IMO involving Dupes, Dreyga and Mongol.)But if it gets us closer to seeing a Red Hot Red Hulk on the screen, then I say BRING IT OOOONNNN!

Avatar image for redhush1
Posted By RedHush1

Question HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PULL OF A CIVIL WAR MOVIES? Ok lets think for a moment shall we. Phase three will probably have sequels to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Maybe a Ant-Man, and Probably Doctor Strange. Then phase three could probably add another two to three movies. Also with the Falcon in the Captain America, and if they might throw in War Machine. 14 heroes. That's not close to enough to give us a Civil War.

Avatar image for jedixman
Posted By JediXMan

I could be wrong, but I don't think they can use Black Bolt. I believe Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and those associated with them. That includes the Skrulls, Kree, and - I believe - the Inhumans.

It's unfortunate, really.

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Posted By sesquipedalophobe

Of course this might require the Hulk to speak more than one catchphrase in the coming films, you know, so that if someone who watched the television show complains everyone can burn them in the $1 vhs boxsets.

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

Oh my! Anything Hulk is fine by me!

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Posted By amazing_webhead

NO. In The Avengers, Tony wanted Bruce to embrace his Hulk side, convinced he could control it. In the end, not only did that win them the fight, but Hulk saved Tony's life. He would NOT launch him into space after that.

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Posted By mightypug78

omg omg omg nerdgasm

Avatar image for boywander
Posted By BoyWander

some time after Avengers 2 and GoTG - Guardians of The Galaxy 2: Wrath of the Hulk

2019 - Planet Hulk

2023 - Avengers 3: World War Hulk

2040 - When Fox and Sony have lost the rights to Spider-man and the X-men/Fantastic Four and Marvel Studios has created an empire of great films - Avengers 4: Civil War part 1

2041 - Avengers 4: Civil War part 2

2045 - Avengers Versus X-men or Age of Ultron

Don't even know why I wrote this. Just a thought.

Avatar image for New_World_Order
Posted By New_World_Order

I like this idea. Just hope Thor won't be a punching bag by Hulk.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome but...I thought Bruce showed he was in control of the Hulk through the Avengers movie? Still, it would be great to see Planet Hulk or World War Hulk make it to the big screen.

Avatar image for duq
Posted By Duq

Marvel seems to be moving very slow & too damn fast @ the same time. But we should be used to it, they did it w/Thor & Captain America. How are they skipping the making of the She-Hulk? finishing the Leader story line & basically skipping all of the other villians in Hulk's gallery. Like Captain America has other villians from the WW2 era that they didn't even touch like Baron Zemo. They should have another Hulk movie & introduce another 2 or 3 villians & sidekicks before launching into Planet Hulk & WWH!

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Posted By k4tzm4n
Avatar image for bluelantern1995
Posted By BlueLantern1995

Both sad and happy that the rumor is false. There are many other stories I'd like to be done first.

Avatar image for havenless
Posted By Havenless


This rumor was made up by a guy named 'El Mayimbe' who also said Bale will be in the Justice League. That was false too, as are a few other things he's said. The guy just makes stuff up, and some of it sticks. Still can't believe how dramatic he made this announcement (during the Superbowl) only to have it completely shot down not even a month later.

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Posted By BlueLantern1995

Thanks for the info.

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Posted By stumpy49er

I'd love Planet Hulk, though I'm not too excited for WW Hulk. Makes The Avengers too Hulk centric. If anything I'd prefer The Illuminati send Hulk off to Planet Hulk, then he stays there. Let The Avengers be Hulkless for 5-6 movies.

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Posted By k4tzm4n

Added another update to the OP.

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Posted By XsPectre28

i could see a solo Hulk movie with a Planet Hulk theme, with Hulk being portrayed as more in control maybe the whole illuminati thing can be nixed or used in a different sense

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I think they are going thru with the Planet Hulk story still. Maybe they wont ship him off at the end of Avengers 2 but if you look at the rock giant in the new Thor: Dark Worlds trailer he looks exactly like one of the warbound from Planet Hulk. (watch the last 30 sec of video to see who im talking about)

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Posted By blkson
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@blkson: I wonder why the post above yours was deleted