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Possible Reason for Lois Lane Revealing Superman's Secret

We've seen the consequences of the "Truth" being revealed. Could SUPERMAN #41 give the reason?

Ever since the DIVERGENCE Free Comic Book Day issue, we saw a big change in Superman's status quo. Since then, we've seen the repercussions of the big revelation. If you've managed to avoid what specifically was revealed, turn away now.

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The "Truth" is, Superman's secret identity has been revealed. To make it worse, it was Lois Lane that revealed the secret. When Lois tracked down Clark afterwards, she apologized. She said she was worried about him and she should've looked for "another way." What exactly does that mean? We saw she figured out Clark's secret when he was beat up after his power levels were decreased and he was caught on film. We know she's a cunning and skilled investigative reporter but would she really reveal one of her best friends' secret just to make a headline?

In BATMAN/SUPERMAN #21, we saw they're still on speaking terms.

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Clark called Lois and he brings up the fact she revealed his secret. She mentions that they've been over this and he knows why she did it. We're still left in the dark.

In SUPERMAN #41, the story backs up a little.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark got a news tip from an unknown source. It was valid and the source called again, with another "request" from Clark. When Clark demanded to know this person's identity, he had a pretty big shock.

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The unknown person set up a private "fan page" just for Clark. When Clark clicked on it, it was clear he was in a bad position.

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Somehow someone has figured out his secret. This isn't Lois obviously. Because of Superman's power fluctuations, he's been a little careless. Someone managed to get some video footage of Clark changing into Superman and pieced everything together.

What can Clark do now? He did fulfill the person's next request in order to be left alone. Of course that won't be the end of it.

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Clark did end up fixing the little favor he did. But with a person essentially blackmailing him and with his having no way to track the person down, his options are limited.

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Having this new mystery person figure out the secret adds to the situation. We just assumed Lois found out and wrote her revealing article. It could be she found out and also realized Clark was being blackmailed. We know Clark isn't the type to do do things for selfish reasons. Lois could have seen the situation Clark was in and figured the only way to take the power away from the blackmailer is to reveal the news herself.

If this is the reason she did it, it would fit with what she told Clark. She made a decision to help him. Superman could have been asked to do something really bad and people like Lois and Jimmy could have been threatened. Lois got him out of the situation. She mentioned she should have tried to find "another way."

Some readers were angered over the fact she revealed the truth. We found out (in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #21), that Lois is getting death threats and there's other consequences for the Daily Planet as well. Getting a scoop like this should be a big deal but there's clearly a price that has to be paid. Lois would realize how bad things would get.

Lois may be one to go to extreme lengths to get the truth out there. Regardless, Lois wouldn't sell out one of her closest friends just to get a story. She wouldn't see discovering Clark's secret as an opportunity to further her career or to win another award. Lois has always been a faithful and dedicated friend to Clark. There's no way she would throw him under a bus like this.

We may have an idea now why Lois revealed the truth but we don't know who this other person is. It's likely not Lex Luthor.

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Lex showed he was truly surprised by the news. If he was the one to discover the truth, he would gloat about it. He wouldn't hide the fact that he was responsible, in part, for such a roadblock in Superman's life.

Do you think this is why Lois revealed the truth? Did she do the right thing if she revealed Clark's secret to stop the blackmailer? Is there anything else they could have done to stop an unknown person with the knowledge? We'll have to wait and see how the Truth story arc plays out in the Superman titles.