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Peter Tomasi Teases New Robin - Sort of

What the does the appearance of a familiar female character mean for the title? Slight teasers for BATMAN AND ROBIN #19.

Damian Wayne is dead. Robin is dead. What does that mean for BATMAN AND ROBIN? We know that the titles are temporarily refocusing with some of the former Robins helping Bruce out. The idea of replacing his own son can't be an easy decision. Yet, if there's no Robin, how can the successful BATMAN AND ROBIN series continue?

IN an exclusive Q&A with the New York Post, Peter Tomasi and DC Comics tease the idea of a new, female Robin. But it might not be all that it seems. Spoilers below for BATMAN AND ROBIN #19.

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It seems we're seeing the New 52 introduction of Carrie Kelley, better known as the Robin in The DARK KNIGHT RETURNS future story. But obviously this can't be the same character. Can it?

NY POST: Is this the same Carrie Kelly from 'The Dark Knight Returns' or a New 52 version of her? In other words, is Batman meeting up with an alternate-earth Robin?

PETER TOMASI: It's a New 52 version, but we're staying close to Frank Miller's visual template and personality of Carrie Kelley. She's a college kid who's got spunk and speaks her mind. This is not an alternate-earth Robin, this is simply a girl named Carrie Kelley who we learn knew Damian which in turn weaves her into the fabric of the DC Universe for the first time in 25 years.

It's simply too soon for a new Robin. As Tomasi puts it, "...she's not exactly the 'new Robin." He also mentions he has plans for her that "play well into the future."

Check out the full interview with Peter HERE.

You can also see the full preview for BATMAN AND ROBIN #19 HERE, which also answers a question from issue 18.

Edit: It appears the preview was removed.