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Our Favorite Things: Doctor Who Waters of Mars DVD

We take a look at Doctor Who: Waters of Mars

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The past year has been a bummer for some of us Doctor Who fans with David Tennant leaving the show. Luckily, the fans got to see Tennant as the Doctor a few more times in five Doctor Who specials: The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The End of Time Part One and Two, and my personal favorite The Waters of Mars.
In the special, The Doctor ends up on a human colonized Mars base about 50 years from now, and he meets the first Earthlings to colonize another planet: A pivotal point in human history. The Doctor realizes that this crew ends up dying the day he visits, and as much as he tries to leave, his curiosity gets the best of him. The Doctor finds that the crew's water filtration system has gone array, and a virus trapped in a glacier, where the crew's drinking water comes from, is infecting them and turning them into these bizarre water creatures. The Doctor realizes this event is a fixed point in time and there's little to nothing he can do except save his own butt.
It's a dark, depressing, and a creepy episode. Once infected with the virus, people begin shooting water out of their orifices and have this bizarre look on their face combine with a blank stare. Some of the more creepy moments come when one of the infected is locked up in quarentine. It also has one of my favorite endings to any episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor has this amazing revelation, and in that instant, seems to lose his mind. Said revelation changes almost everything about what the Doctor can and can not do as he travels through time. It also connects current Who mythology back to the old series, without throwing it in your face. The Doctor makes several references to the Ice Warriors, who were a re-accuring villain during the earlier days of the series. 
By far, over the past year, this has been my favorite Who episode. On the surface, it's a pretty traditional episode, but below there's so much more to it. I believe the episode actually aired in 2009, but I didn't actually get my hands on it until it was released on DVD in 2010.