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Original ThunderCats Coming Back to DVD This Summer

There's a new series coming and now you'll be able to get caught up with the original.

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ThunderCats hold a special place for many people. During the 80s, we had a few really stellar animated series. While some may complain about the modernization of past series, often they are successful updates. During the past WonderCon, we got a look at the upcoming new series on Cartoon Network.

Even though there has been a few different comic series since, there is most likely many that have never seen an actual episode.

Today, Warner Home Video has announced the release of ThunderCats: The Original Series, Season 1, Part 1. While there are bound to be complaints that they are not releasing the entire series, it might be for the best that they don't. The first season (including the two-part pilot) consisted of 65 episodes. To release a DVD box set with that many episodes would be pretty expensive.

I own Warner's previous 2005 release of Season 1 Volume 1 and it had episodes 1-33. I never got around to buying Volume 2 because of the high price.

What will this release contain?

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On July 12, 2011, there will be a two-disc release, priced to own at $19.97 (which means you'll most likely find it cheaper). It will contain the fist 12 episodes along with a special featurette entitled "Feel the Magic, Feel the Roar," where fans speak out about their incredible passion for the classic series.

The episodes included are:

Disc 1

  • 1. Exodus
  • 2. The Unholy Alliance
  • 3. Berbils
  • 4. The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr
  • 5. Pumma-Ra
  • 6. The Terror of Hammerhand

Disc 2

  • 7. Trouble with Time
  • 8. The Tower of Traps
  • 9. The Garden of Delights
  • 10. Mandora the Evil Chaser
  • 11. The Ghost Warrior
  • 12. The Doomgaze

This is your chance to see what the original was about, or to revisit those episodes, before the new series begins.