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Original Member of the X-Men Revealed to be Gay

The revelation happens in ALL-NEW X-MEN #40.

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Have you been reading ALL-NEW X-MEN? The series started with Beast pulling the original X-Men out of the past and into the present to deal with Cyclops' ideas of a mutant revolution after he accidentally killed Professor X while under the influence of the Phoenix Force.

With the original/young X-Men stuck in the present, there's been some changes for them. They've slowly discovered different events that are supposed to take place in their future. Jean Grey, who is getting used to the full extent of her telepathic and telekinetic powers, has been finding out more and more about everything, not just about her own future. While trying to get a grasp on her powerful telepathic abilities, she's accidentally pried into the minds of others more than once. This leads to the revelation in ALL-NEW X-MEN #40.

Some pages for this week's issue managed to get leaked. Sites such as the ADVOCATE have run the pages in question that fully show the scene as it plays out. We're not big on spoilers around here but this is something everyone is talking about. Obviously, there will be SPOILERS below.

The scene in question has the young X-Men and X-23 sitting around. After Magik teleports away, Iceman makes a comment on her "unbelievably hotness." This is when Jean privately calls him out on it.

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There is much more to the scene than just these few panels. It is brought up that the present day Iceman isn't gay. Obviously that could be denial. ALL-NEW X-MEN #40 is on sale this week. Chances are people will be talking about this for some time so you might want to pick up a copy at your local comic shop.