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"One Will Die..." In X-Men: Second Coming

What? An X-Men is going to die?!?

Last week we saw the question about who would be leading the X-Men in Second Coming.  The next "event" in the X-Men's world will begin with X-Men: Second Coming written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle with pencils and variant cover by David Finch.   
Today, Marvel has released another promo.  Get ready for this one: 

No Caption Provided
That's right, an X-Men will be dying.  Could this "one" be one of the three in the "Who Will Lead?" image?  Could this mean that either Cyclops, Emma or Magneto might be dying?  If so, we can assume that it's not Scott since he's being shown standing over an open grave.  With that look of anger on his face, we could assume it's Emma.  I'm not sure how upset he'd be over Magneto dying.  Or perhaps Marvel is simply teasing/fooling us? 
X-Men: Second Coming will be on sale on March 31 for $3.99.  Adi Granov will provide the cover.