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Okay, Now It Looks Like Andrew Garfield Is Spider-Man

I guess Josh Hutcherson isn't Spidey.

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Sigh, I had a feeling this might happen. The problem is when sources, no matter how reliable they may be, says they have some inside information, there's always the chance things will change. We always have to take a gamble on whether to run the suspected story or wait until an official announcement is made (and by then everyone's most likely heard it).
Today, Giant Freakin Robot is saying that Andrew Garfield has been officially cast. Who? He's been in a couple episodes of Doctor Who as well as The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. GFR got a press release confirming this guy will be Peter Parker.
What are my thoughts? I have absolutely no idea. I would've liked to see Josh Hutcherson play the role, just because I've seen him in a few movies. This guy? I couldn't say what his acting skills are. Let's hope Sony knows what they're doing and that they made the right choice. What do you think? Are you familiar with this guy?
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Here's a pic from the official announcement.

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