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Off YOUR Mind: Would Captain America (or Another Hero) Make a Good President?

We all have opinions, now is the time to share yours.

You've probably heard the news. Captain America became the President in the Ultimate Universe. There's a bunch of stuff going on which lead to him becoming the choice for the job. This isn't the first time the idea has been tossed about. CAPTAIN AMERICA #250 (from 1980) immediately comes to mind. We've often thought what it'd be like to have Cap or Superman (remember the Kryptonian birthing matrix origin that made it so he technically was born on the rocket when it landed in Smallville?) as President. Now the Ultimate Universe will see the Super Soldier as the President.

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This week's question is, would Captain America, or another superhero, make a good President? If you don't think Cap would be the best choice, who do think would be? Could someone like Cap give up being a superhero in order to perform the Presidential duties? Would they have to hang up their spandex in order to wear suits and sit around the White House?

Let us know in the comments below.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. He has no desire to be the President of the United States. He'll settle for being President of Comic Vine.

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Posted By Wolverine0628
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Posted By Aillil

Objectively speaking Cap is a soldier, so frankly I don't see him being a good president. But then again I'm not American so I don't really have a say, eh ?

Really the only person I can see doing a relatively nice job of it is probably movie version Pepper Potts. Coulson would probably make a great VP too.

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Posted By kfhrfdu_89_76k

@Trodorne said:

@DarthShap: @JamDamage: @Mad_Wolverine: @Vincie_Pooh: @kfhrfdu_89_76k:

If anyone was running for president here is their running mate/ Vice President.

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@ArtisticNeedham said:

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They always do a What If Captain America had become President in the comics, he seems like the most logical choice, but its always ends up he doesn't run or its a What If story. He ran for President in the 1602 story, he ran in a What If, he almost ran in the 616 universe, he was President in the Marvel Mangaverse, and apparently he was a president and a pawn in another alternate reality what if story. Him being President is almost perfect for the Ultimate Comics, only slightly less perfect because Ultimate Steve Rogers isn't exactly Steve Rogers either. But Its close enough that it would be cool. It will have long lasting effects, like the death of Peter Parker, and the massacre of the X-Men. Its the closest thing you can get to the regular 616 Steve Rogers actually being president.

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Wow. Didn`t know that.

Now I`m really glad that I wont even try to make that "What if...Captain America had become the president of USA".

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Posted By TheCrowbar

Hasn't every itetiration of "President Captain America" ended with him being a facist?

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Posted By kid Apollo

how is it gonna look when the president busts into a country and starts bustin up fools with the rest of the Avengers? its gona be a political sh*t show. i dont really believe in the superhero vs civilian identity, i think you need to make a choice or one/both sides of your life are going to suffer, look at Spider-man. Cap can do the super hero thing, but if he starts goin up against enemies from different countries then the media will have a hey-day with it. Cap vs Russia, Cap vs Wakanda, Cap vs Mexico. FOX news will rip the guy apart for any negative action.

on the other hand id love to have been apart of Ultimate Thor's hippie convent from the first series of the Ultimates.

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Posted By RoninLoganX

No. I think what makes a good superhero effective is that they don't necessarily have to answer to anyone. They can just make what they think is the right decision and do what has to be done. Being President would gum up that entire process because every decision has to go through x-amount of people before an action can be taken.

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Posted By IronBat628

i think so, but his cabinet wud be all superheroes too, tony, reed, hank pym, professor x....all the great minds of the marvel universe

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Posted By GeekOfKrypton

How's Cap gonna create jobs?

He may have some good ideas on foreign policy but he won;t be able to appease Wall Street.

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Posted By ARMIV2

Maybe it is the uber-patriotic fan-boy in me talking, but I would totally vote for Cap as president.

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Posted By Doctor!!!!!

Lex Luthor, he didn't do to bad..... right?

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Posted By monkeyonurback_

batman would be a good president for america cuz he'd make guns illegal and remove the death penalty...

captain america is good too cuz he knows the horrors of war and i don't think he'd rush them back into fighting for nothing..

superman would be a crappy president imo..he grew up on a farm and has no experience (and america's already had a president like that and it didn't work out)

tony stark COULD be good because of how he stopped the manufacturing of weaponry but his stance in civil war was pretty conservative and he's also an alcoholic so i think he could be a pain...

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Posted By wildcardcomics

I'm willing to bet this will lead into another "Hero vs Hero" cross over.

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Posted By doombot890

well in 2099 Doom made an excellent president

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Posted By capelesscrusader

@Chaos Burn: You don't see a problem with the borderline fascism involved in the police state that Bruce inevitably winds up creating in most future histories?

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Posted By lostlantern13

There's only one person I think could pull it off...

"With great power comes great responsibility and I, Spider-Man, know that because I live my life by those profound words. Possessing superhuman abilities is one thing but becoming the most powerful man in the free world is another. Yes, Hulk, someone is more powerful than you (pause for laughs).

My opponents say I crack jokes and don’t take things seriously, but I do that with clear intent and purpose: to unnerve my opponents and help keep a level head in trying times, and let me tell you I have been tried a time or two.

I won’t say I’m perfect, far from it in fact, but I do my best to learn from my mistakes and become a better hero to the world and person to my friends and family. The role of this office is to protect the beliefs and people of this great nation and I solemnly swear to you that I will protect it with every last strand of web in this body. My name is Spider-Man and I would be honored and humbled to be the next President of the United States."

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Posted By Master_Thief

@lostlantern13: This

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Posted By RedHood1110

If I'm gonna have a super for a President, I wanna go all out. I want a President who won't let politics interfere with government. Someone who doesn't know how to be slowed down, redirected, or stopped.

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MR MAJESTIC!!!! Superman with political leadership experience and no inhibitions! Strong enough to rearrange the solar system on a whim, crush a pencil into a diamond, and invent new techno-shit in seconds!

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Posted By bigsoto74

@monkeyonurback_ said:

batman would be a good president for america cuz he'd make guns illegal and remove the death penalty...

I believe in the right to bear arms and the death penalty. I would never vote for

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Posted By judasnixon
Rob liefeld 2012
Rob liefeld 2012
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Posted By Dark_Vengeance_
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Posted By Super_SoldierXII

OK... here goes my rant of the month;

We need a leader, not a hero.

And no, the two terms are not mutually inclusive IMHO. We need someone who knows how to be an authentic man (or woman) - not someone who we can all collectively raise above what it means to be human. To be human, is to be flawed ... to be heroic is to learn from our mistakes, not hide from them or make pretense to sainthood. The last thing we need is to adhere to a figure as our leader who embodies, and in his or her own way, demands purported perfection.

America suffers under the brainwashed 'hero' cult worship enough as it is (thanks Hollywood).

We're a country of idealists who seem to enjoy having our 'bubble' burst ... Hollywood has us all brainwashed. Being idealistic isn't bad in and of itself when tempered with just proportion. A little idealism can be quite healthy. But we want to make heroes of everyone - our movie stars, our pop stars, our athletes, our MMA fighters - we've forgotten what it is to be human and no longer tolerate one another's humanity as it were (or our own) as a result and have grown highly unrealistic. We've learned to love crucifying people for their mistakes, even finding our entertainment in such. We've lost touch with what it means to understand, forgive and to educate, and so have learned to hide from our own shortcomings for fear of falling to the same judgement and punishing consequences.

We're hypocrites in that way - we raise people upon pedestals only to tear them down. Often for exhibiting flaws we ourselves are guilty of but hide well away from the public eye (rotting us from the inside out because we fail to deal with it in a healthy manner). We collectively lack the courage to be human and to be human is to be flawed but always striving to be a better version than we were yesterday. If we can't face ourselves openly and realistically, are we so surprised when our children and subsequent generations are just as lost if not more so?

If we forget what it means to be human and remain brainwashed by unrealistic ideals, we eventually lose touch with our own humanity. Worse, we learn not to address our faults, to sweep things under the rug for fear of judgement from others and ourselves passing on our ignorance to our children and children's children. Until our closets get so dirty we fall from grace or become incredibly imbalanced (psychology is a profession in increasing demand).

The last thing we need is a hero at the apex of the pyramid exuding all that is ideal, dealing with the evils of the world with his biceptual brawn, whilst pretending his sh!t don't stink. Evil is defeated from the inside out, starting with ourselves. We need to educate first, not punch first then ask questions later.

Them there are my two cents, so no, I would rather an authentic human being than a 'purported' super one as leader of the free world.

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Posted By RedQueen

I always considered the Captain America of the ultimate universe to be more of a ..well, a jerk than the 616 universe CA. Hard to tell. I think the 616 version would make a better president, maybe?

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Posted By Strafe Prower

@Wolverine0628: Waller? No.

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Posted By Wolverine0628

@Strafe Prower: No, probably not. But I can dream.

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Posted By blueninjapanther

@zackattack529 said:

Bruce Wayne should run for president with Lucious Fox as his Vice President, Alfred as his senior Advisor. Bruce also has strong ties to the JLA which he is a member himself therefore we have the greatest defense, he always has Batman INC for foreign affairs. and many more things that can support his claim.

also just a side note, if Lex Luthor wasn't EVIL and SELFISH...he'd probably make the best president in history. no joke

I agree Bruce Wayne for president

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Posted By IncredibleBongoBands

Cap's a symbol and a leader, but not in a political sense.

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Posted By FoxCircuit101

Most folks wouldn't feel comfortable having a dude in tights running their nation. But in the comicverse it's compatible. The U.S is on the verge of collapse, politics were out the door so of course the people in Ultimate verse choose their hero to be their president. Good luck Cap! Don't forget to train Miles Morales while you're saving the U.S.

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Posted By naylor11

Superman became president in Action Comics Annual #3

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Posted By ReadItNow

Oh my, if an actor could be president a superhero sure can be!! I,m gonna write in Captain America on my ballet!

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Posted By ImmortalOne

No... after what happened in AvX, he'd probably declare war on other countries for owning nuclear warheads.

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Posted By Sageclawz

I say She-Hulk. Shes a leader, shes smart, and shes a lawyer. Vote green for 2016

VP. Al Gore as the recycler

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Posted By Chaos Burn

@capelesscrusader said:

@Chaos Burn: You don't see a problem with the borderline fascism involved in the police state that Bruce inevitably winds up creating in most future histories?

nope, if i was in charge, i'd create a dictatorship ruling over a police state. Batman is so goddamn un-corruptable that he'd be the only one to rule well though

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Posted By They Killed Cap!

I really don't think the world governments would appreciate the American Government figure head coming into their country to do battle. Seems like a conflict of interests with a number of sticky political situations.

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Posted By TrueIlluminatus

The beauty of having someone like Cap as President is that you can count on them abiding by the rules set in place by the US Constitution. Legally, almost every president since Woodrow Wilson committed impeachable offenses of varying degrees.

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Posted By SiycoBat


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Posted By DoctorNemesis
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Posted By Joewell911

Wouldn't be a bad pres.

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Posted By ALdragon17

Capt would be a good leader, he knows what a battle is and not sitting in chair and watching it. Would never go into war that would degrade the military or for political gain or bowing to the rich guy. Yes, there were heros who became president JFK serve in WWII, Ike, and George Washington. Would tell Generals and Admirals to shut up, they will not advise him, he will advise them.

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Posted By Brynhyld

@DoctorNemesis said:

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Gwen is a simple minded fool.

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Posted By Zeeguy91
@SiycoBat said:


Simply being patriotic doesn't mean he would make a good president. In fact, some could argue that being based in nativist sentiment the way he was would make Captain America a bad choice to be President. Especially in an age where the office of the President necessitates diplomatic finesse.
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Posted By thespideyguy

President Batman we know it is going to happen.

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Posted By bestcomic142

I would say that he would last 2 terms as both a president and solider.

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Posted By Hit_Monkey

Pre-Flashpoint Green Arrow would have been an great president.

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Posted By Space_Captain_Ulyverse
@guttridgeb said:

I don't see it lasting. He'll be too busy saving the world and stuff like any other super hero president would be.

^This, basically. 
As far as President-Superheroes? I reckon the only guy who realistically could for it to be logical would be Tony Stark. Former Defence Secretary/SHIELD head, with a business mind and a face that could represent America. Stark2012, perhaps?
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Posted By Bernicky

Jesse Custer for president

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Posted By Meat_Spinner

Actually, Superman in Red Son was a rather good politician and achieved a very good and stable society

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Posted By vandinejd_1991

I would pick Captain America to be President over the two real life candidates we have now.

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Edited By Mezmero

I said this when I commented on the preview but I don't think Steve should be a politician at all. He can't avoid the checks and balances of the system forever and he's such a stickler for the rules that he'd be a fool not to be at the White House at least sometimes. Anyway he's too honest to work well with the slime balls in D.C. that decide America's fate on the a daily basis. I'm hoping that during this arc he'll abandon the flag as his symbol when he learns about the darkness in the U.S. government. He might as well just become the U.S. Agent since all he'll be is a government watchdog.

Personally I think Moon Knight could be a kick ass president. He has training in tactics and strategy, not afraid to bend the rules, and can adapt the way he interacts with politicians and the American public. He can also seek counsel from himself for really big decisions and can never be (completely) mind controlled. Obviously he wouldn't wear his costume but Marc Spector has my vote.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

I think Cap could make a good president, sure, and I like the Ultimates universe rendition that is currently handling this idea. Steve Rogers is the very epitome of everything that is good about the United States so he'd be the perfect candidate for the presidency. Steve 4 Prez!

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Posted By ElReginaldo

I won't deny the awesomeness of Cap as president. The closest thing we've had in the real world was probably Theodore Roosevelt. Is it a good idea? Probably not. But it does make for some very interesting story-telling opportunities.