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Off YOUR Mind: Would Captain America (or Another Hero) Make a Good President?

We all have opinions, now is the time to share yours.

You've probably heard the news. Captain America became the President in the Ultimate Universe. There's a bunch of stuff going on which lead to him becoming the choice for the job. This isn't the first time the idea has been tossed about. CAPTAIN AMERICA #250 (from 1980) immediately comes to mind. We've often thought what it'd be like to have Cap or Superman (remember the Kryptonian birthing matrix origin that made it so he technically was born on the rocket when it landed in Smallville?) as President. Now the Ultimate Universe will see the Super Soldier as the President.

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This week's question is, would Captain America, or another superhero, make a good President? If you don't think Cap would be the best choice, who do think would be? Could someone like Cap give up being a superhero in order to perform the Presidential duties? Would they have to hang up their spandex in order to wear suits and sit around the White House?

Let us know in the comments below.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. He has no desire to be the President of the United States. He'll settle for being President of Comic Vine.

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Posted By GR2Blackout

@ssejllenrad said:

As much evil they have dealt with, no hero is ready for the type of villainy that comes alongside politics.

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Posted By Pwok21

I could see some Heroes being a good President.

I'd love to see a Time Traveller like Rip Hunter become President as he could just steer everyone into a Golden Age of Tranquility.

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Posted By RayOlight

Green Arrow for president!

(old school, pre-new52 Ollie that is)

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Posted By RayOlight

@kasino: Although Matt Murdock might be a little too... unstable (I'll put it that way) to be president, I've got to agree with this

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Posted By neiliusprime

what if a supervillain like Norman Osborn was president

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Posted By Herx

Hulk For president!!! He'll SMASH! all of the issues placed before him, plus he did rule his own planate once so one country would be a walk in a park after that :P

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Posted By evensteve11

Daredevil would be an awesome president. he is a lawyer and a man without fear. haha

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Posted By mikey87144

None of them would. Most super heroes see the world in black and white while you have to see the world in grey to be a good politician.

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Edited By cosmo111687

Pre-52 Barbara Gordon would've been an excellent president. (New-52 Barbara Gordon can only be class president...)

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Posted By stormphoenix

I love cap, but after the way he's been acting NO!

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Posted By Mega_spidey01

@Skunkstein said:

Black Panther / T'challa would proberly be a good president, he have experiance in politics, he is crazy smart and of course he already know how it is to run a country.

I dont see Captain America being a good president, he may be honorable, brave, smart and kind hearted... but does know anything about politics? infrastructure? does he know anything about economics? I dont think he does.

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Posted By lorex

Most superheroes would not be a good president in the same way that most soldiers or police officers would not. They might be the best in their profession but those skills do not necessarily translate to national leadership.

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Edited By firecracker22

Bruce Wayne could be a good President, probably. His heart's in the right place, and he's got a good moral compass. He's a master strategist, which could help a ton in getting policies enacted in a place that literally moves a slug's pace to get anything passed. He doesn't seem to be either left or right, so he'd probably govern down the center for the most part. He'd probably be able to reach across the isle because of that. He's a genius, so moving the country forward on energy and technology plans for the future could go places. He'd know how to handle foreign policy, and with his history of preparedness and paranoia, he'd probably be a good Commander in Chief as well. That and he has the incredible ability to multitask like nobody else. The dude can literally solve crimes while preparing failsafes for things on the side while tuning up the batmobile, upgrading and modifying his gear while still keeping up appearances (kinda like a politician does). Lucius could be a great Chief of Staff too. Bruce could be pretty damn good.

Except for the killing part. I don't know if he'd green light ANY seek-and-kill operations, like the ones our country OK's to kill terrorist leaders. The opposition on Capitol Hill would probably call him "weak" and imply he's all kinds of cowardly.

Tony Stark could be a good one too. He'd probably be a real Hawk on defense, and be way too business friendly...but I still think he'd probably put together a good presidency. Don't know if he'd be able to be as bi-partisan, but who knows. I'd say his womanizing could be a problem, except with our President's...historically hasn't really mattered in how they do their job.

I'd love to see a Green Arrow presidency. I don't know if he'd get anything done, but having a real liberal partisan would be something. Maybe we'd get some things passed, like legalizing marijuana and I don't know....universal healthcare? If Bruce Wayne were a centrist, and Tony Stark was on the right, then having Ollie has the leftist would be fitting. He's probably the most politically conscious one I know of between the three, too.

I don't know, I think those three would probably the best choices. And they pretty much cover all three sides of the political spectrum.

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Posted By DDangelico

Cap is prolly going to be too busy being a superhero to be a good president...

I DO think Professor Xavier would (or 'would have' I guess) make a great president, even though he can't because he wasn't born in America.

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Posted By Trodorne

@zackattack529 said:

Bruce Wayne should run for president with Lucious Fox as his Vice President, Alfred as his senior Advisor. Bruce also has strong ties to the JLA which he is a member himself therefore we have the greatest defense, he always has Batman INC for foreign affairs. and many more things that can support his claim.

You are kidding right? Bruce Wayne is a paranoid/brooding man. he is so obessesed about stopping crime he does not care about anyone else and their feelings. He would turn the country into a police state. I don't know if you are basing this on the character from the movies or maybe you just like batman so much that you do not see his character flaws standing out.

Jay Garrick would be a great president, Does not really need Air force one, all he has to do is make sure his men secure the building he will be staying at and runs from point A to Point B. He could talk with the people and be back at the white house in time to talk to his chief of staff.

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Posted By Emperormeister734

I would want to see Professor X,Captain America,and if ever possible Batman as President.I would vote them each a second term

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Posted By Crackdown

@Tony_Shark said:

Ultimate Cap is getting shit done. 616 Cap isn't as aggressive as Ult. Cap.


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Posted By jpblair88

Dick Grayson for President with Barbara Gordon VP.

Lucius Fox Secretary of Commerce

Pre-DCnU Alan Scott: Secretary of State

Ultimate Nick Fury: Secretary of Defense

Captain America: Secretary of Homeland Security

Storm: Secretary of Agriculture

Professor Charles Xavier: Secretary of Education

Tony Stark: Secretary of Energy

Dr. Pieter Cross: Secretary of Health and Human/Mutant/Metahuman Services

Luke Cage: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Tim Drake: Secretary of Justice

Oliver Queen: Secretary of Labor

Swamp Thing: Secretary of the Interior

Emma Frost: Secretary of the Treasury

Reed Richards: Secretary of Transportation

James "War Machine" Rhodes: Secretary of Veterans Affairs

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Posted By yuccabrev

@Chaos Burn: I think Bruce would be amazing in office but he would never take the job. He's too hands on for that. Lucius Fox I think would be great. His whole persona was to take a bankrupt company and turn it into a fortune 500. Imagine that talent handling the US debt.

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Posted By zombietag

its hard to say. to be honest, someone being president is a huge responsibility and I'm not sure if i see enough depth in steve roger's character to really say if hes really qualified or not

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Posted By firecracker22

@Trodorne: Well, he does care about people. Giving back to the community, charities, pie-in-sky type of optimism in where things would go.

That, and unless he overtook the Balance of Power in our country by screwing over Congress AND the Senate, I don't think he be able to get away with making the U.S. into a police state. Hell, Lex Luthor was President and even he didn't do that.

I think that police state approach we've seen from him was an extreme measure to extreme times. I mean, Gotham City is probably the one place where people probably get stabbed in the face the moment they step off the plane.

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Edited By Jorgevy

I dont really like President's or anything of the republican sorts. But some heroes could be handy Prime-Ministers

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Posted By Mutant God

No because he cant be both on the offense and defense of politics, he cant be fighting villians and at the same time sitting in a chair talking with people about a crisis. Also hes too align with SHEILD which is suppose to be an international group and also since Ultimate Nick Fury tells Rogers what to do its one step closer to Fuhrer Fury

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Posted By SolthesunGod

@cosmo111687 said:

Pre-52 Barbara Gordon would've been an excellent president. (New-52 Barbara Gordon can only be class president...)

Great idea.

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Posted By frsty13

It may be an "Elseworld" type book, I think they said it best in Earth X (very much sumarized/condensed): "Cap didn't take the presidency the first time because he no longer represents the American dream"

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Posted By Trodorne

@firecracker22 said:

@Trodorne: Well, he does care about people. Giving back to the community, charities, pie-in-sky type of optimism in where things would go.

That, and unless he overtook the Balance of Power in our country by screwing over Congress AND the Senate, I don't think he be able to get away with making the U.S. into a police state. Hell, Lex Luthor was President and even he didn't do that.

I think that police state approach we've seen from him was an extreme measure to extreme times. I mean, Gotham City is probably the one place where people probably get stabbed in the face the moment they step off the plane.

He only cares to the point of preventing people from suffering the way he suffered other than that the whole facade that Bruce wayne puts on in public is only to keep his image up as a billionaire playboy.

Lex as president focused on one thing and that was the destruction of superman.

back at hand Bruce would not be president in the first place it means he would have to start thinking of others than his own personal goal to rid the city of crime, which is why Bruce Wayne does not run for mayor of gotham. if he were to go for any politics he would have to step down and get rid of majority shares of wayne enterprises so there would be no conflict of interest while in office. Now since Bruce is a control freak and needs to be incharge of everything he owns, he won't do that.

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Posted By The Devil Tiger

Captain America would get shot the second he would be elected. Seriously.

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Posted By ALFMutant

Superman for president.

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Posted By MadRooster81

No I don't think Cap will make a good president. He's too right/wrong, there is no grey area with him. I'm not sure a superhero could be a president.

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Posted By WolfMonkey

Vote J Jonah Jameson, 2016!

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Posted By leokearon

Nicely sums things up

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Posted By Trodorne

@DarthShap: @JamDamage: @Mad_Wolverine: @Vincie_Pooh: @kfhrfdu_89_76k:

If anyone was running for president here is their running mate/ Vice President.

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They always do a What If Captain America had become President in the comics, he seems like the most logical choice, but its always ends up he doesn't run or its a What If story. He ran for President in the 1602 story, he ran in a What If, he almost ran in the 616 universe, he was President in the Marvel Mangaverse, and apparently he was a president and a pawn in another alternate reality what if story. Him being President is almost perfect for the Ultimate Comics, only slightly less perfect because Ultimate Steve Rogers isn't exactly Steve Rogers either. But Its close enough that it would be cool. It will have long lasting effects, like the death of Peter Parker, and the massacre of the X-Men. Its the closest thing you can get to the regular 616 Steve Rogers actually being president.

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Posted By Wolverine0628

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Posted By Brynhyld

I think people are basing this off of our world and not the Ultimate Marvel Universe. The writers get to make the choices there. They don't have our people in this gray area I keep hearing about holding them back. Captain America will still not make a good President because Marvel won't allow him to become so. This whole thing is just a repeat, recycling the same story, stating the same message over and over again. Which will be that the World doesn't want saving, it wants to be left alone to do what it wants, and that Steve Rogers is not the right man for the job.

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Posted By fatcowmoomoo

Batman 2012

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Posted By The_Eurythmic_King_of_Nowhere

As far as Marvel, I say anyone with experience in running a country, T'Challa, Magneto, or my personal favorite, Cable. I think Nate had a decent plan with trying to unify the world, and he actually wanted peace.

As for DC, as much as I love Grayson and Nightwing, we all know Tim Drake would make a much better President than him or Bruce. Tim has that compassion and he isn't driven by vengeance. I'm talking Pre-New52 Tim of course.

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Posted By Mutant God

Wait is there a VP

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Posted By Gambit1024


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Posted By TheVowelO

Why not, they couldn't do any worse than the real presidents.

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Posted By PhoenixoftheTides

It depends; some might be able to do this, but the majority of them: Absolutely not. The problem with superheroes in general is that for the most part, they are vigilantes. Meaning, they work outside the system because to a certain extent, they have given up on working within the system. And many of them are very irresponsible. To be a good president, you need to be willing to concede a point to build political capital to win another point; most heroes are used to an all-or-nothing approach to the world.

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Posted By TheMess1428

Slade Wilson, Oliver Queen, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, and Tony Stark. Those I could see as president.

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Posted By RayOlight

As a Brit what I really want to see is Grant Morrison as prime minister!

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Posted By PassionFlower

I don't want a POTUS who punches folks in the face--unless it's Harrison Ford.

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Posted By Captain13
pres supes
pres supes
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Posted By Aillil

@Mad_Wolverine: I APPROVE !

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Posted By capblack

Cap would make an EXCELLENT president- provided he could transition from soldier to statesman. In Captain America we have the best of what American culture produces and such character-driven clarity of purpose would be a good fit in the White House.

How he'd deal with the brinksmanship & game playing would be FUN to watch!

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Posted By Fuchsia_Nightingale

No. despite People seeing JFK or Regan as heroes, icons.Politicians argue for a few days then take four months off......congress. Heroes are like volunteers, who build homes or work in soup lines, they should focus on crisis not politics, contrary to what Marvel says lol :P


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Posted By Flopsop200