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Off YOUR Mind: What Should Happen to the Daredevil Movie Franchise?

We all have opinions, here's your chance to share your thoughts.

Once upon a time, Fox put out a Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck and others. It wasn't too well received. When Disney bought Marvel, this eventually lead to the creation of Marvel Studios and the ability to tell comic book movies with a cohesive 'cinematic universe.' The rights to Daredevil remained at Fox (along with Fantastic Four) as long as they continued to make movies within a specified time period.

Now it appears the time for Daredevil is about to expire and the rights could revert back to Marvel/Disney. It's possible Fox could still fast track the movie but they have to get started by October. Normally we would say the rights reverting back is a great thing but recently word got out that director Joe Carnahan's pitch for a 70s crime drama take on Daredevil has been shot down. He even released his 'sizzle reel' used to convince Fox execs he was onto something (you can check it out here).

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The question is, what do you think would be best for a Daredevil movie franchise? Do you think a 70s take separate from other heroes could have worked? Should the possibility of Daredevil meeting up with the Avengers be put in place (even though he rarely has anything to do with the team in the comics since he 'joined')? Should the movie be based on an existing arc by Frank Miller, Brian Bendis or even Mark Waid?

This is your chance to stand up and let your opinion be heard. Let us know below what you feel would be best for the future of Daredevil on the big screen.