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Off YOUR Mind: What Comic Books Would Make a Great TV Show?

We all have opinions, here's the chance to give yours.

This week we all got very excited when it was announced that Joss Whedon would be working on a television pilot for a S.H.I.E.L.D. show. He (obviously) did a great job on The Avengers and his past experience in successful TV shows means he has a great idea what works and what would not. He understands the limitations of technology and budgets.

In a perfect world, we could get (great) TV shows based on all our favorite comic book characters. Realistically, that's not possible. Some characters just wouldn't translate as well as others in the live-action format. Then, of course, there would be the budget that could prevent the characters actually using their superpowers or abilities.

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The question this week is, what comic book series or characters would make a great TV show? Let's keep it realistic. We're not going to see an X-Men or Justice League TV show using the characters to their full potentials. There have been some decent attempts in the past. Technology has improved.

Share your thoughts below. Maybe some eager and conniving TV exec will read your response and make it happen. You won't get the credit for it, of course but the world would get an awesome show out of it.

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Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. He hopes to someday see a TV show based on Doctor Guerrero.