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Off YOUR Mind: What Comic Book Arc Should Be Made Into an Animated Movie?

We all have opinions, now is the time to share yours.

This week we saw the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1. If you had a chance to watch it or read our review, you know it did a great job adapting the (first half) of the story. Yesterday we found out Marvel is planning an Iron Man/Hulk team up movie. When it comes to classic comic book stories like this, they need to be handled properly if an attempt is going to be made in bringing them to the small screen.

With the decades of comic book stories already published, there are many arcs that have been successful and earned a place among our favorite stories.

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This week's question is, what comic book arc or event should be made into an animated movie? There has been rumors of Flashpoint happening and many of use would love to see Civil War, Old Man Logan or The Killing Joke adapted.

The points to consider are the length of the story (could it be made into a movie under 90 minutes?), the prior continuity involved, the popularity of the character among other things. Let us know what you think would make a good animated movie. Add in any parts that could be cut out or condensed to make it work.