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Off THEIR Minds: Should Batman be Allowed to Have Another Robin?

Chances are it's going to happen but should it be allowed?

Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo. The Caped Crusaders. You can easily have Batman without Robin. The two just go together so well.

We've seen after Jason Todd [originally] died that Batman needed a Robin. Having a Robin is what keeps him in check. Over the years we've seen the notion of Robin grow into something bigger. The role of Robin wasn't just to be a comedic sidekick but was now seen as a partner for Batman.

With the recent events and the dangers the role has caused in the past, the question is, should Batman be allowed to haver a Robin? We could debate this but we decided to ask creators this question at Emerald City Comicon. Check out what Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, James Robinson, Peter Nguyen, James Tynion IV, Matt Fraction, Josh Williamson, Jim McCann and Sam Humphries think about this topic.

Batman should have a Robin but are the risks too great? Is it a matter of child endangerment? Does Batman have the right to encourage kids to take on a dangerous role?

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Posted By hart7668
@hyperman: You're probably right.... ah well. I'm sure there would be another Robin, but maybe not until after another reboot of the DC universe. It seems that New 52 is trying to do stuff they never were willing to do until now. Or maybe that's why the universe exists: to do stuff to the icons that would have been considered sacrilegious otherwise.
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Posted By hyperman

@hart7668: But Lois is still there, and after every reboot they come together again. It took some years after Crisis on infinite earths to have Lois and Clark engaged and then married, so the same thing is going to happen now. by the way, I don't care if you like the character or not. Dc always will find a way to bring back Robin!

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Posted By spidershamrock

i want Damian back as Robin, even if it means another pointless death

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Posted By HexThis

I disagree with Matt Fraction, kids don't buy comics at all. It's a totally different market these days because they don't cost a nickel and they aren't at the corner store where you go to buy cigarettes for your parents like kids used to in the fricken 40's, they're only at novelty or comic book shops and some book stores.

Kids exposure to superheroes is through movies and cartoons until they're the age of like 13 or 14 (generally speaking). I saw Batman the Animated Series, the Adventures of Batman and Superman, Spiderman, X-men, X-men: Evolution before ever having picked up a single comic.

So cartoons need Robin.

No wonder this guy got along so well with Joe Quesada, they're both choc full of hacky business savvy that isn't really substantiated by anything at all.

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Posted By Icon

Hell no. Kids shouldn't be put in harms way. Bats is crazy.

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Posted By z3ro180


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Posted By WonderHunter

Hell no.

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I know it wouldn't happen but i would like to see Connor Hawke (as a John Doe run away) become Batman's sidekick. Connor could already have the muscle memory from training with the likes of Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon but not remember any of his actual training or life (Almost doing a Bourne Identity type arc come to think of it)

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Posted By arnoldoaad

Kyle higgins comments are probably the most interesting ones cause it sounds like we wont have a new robin soon

also YEAh, Bring back spoiler

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Posted By mightypug78

@Frozen_Eternal: batman inc. 8. good luck finding an ish. already selling for 20 bucks online.

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Posted By NightFang3

Yes, and he's name is Tim Drake!

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Posted By curtman2k20

OH HELL NO....look how many kids he's already messed up, including his own son, because he never got over the murder of his parents, he becomes a bitter old man not trusting anyone but himself...IMO Jason Todd should just Kill Batman before he ruins another kid...just IMO

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Posted By Frozen_Eternal

Can someone please tell me the issue that Damian dies in?

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Posted By hart7668

@hyperman: Yeah, Superman and Lois Lane was so iconic that The New 52 threw it right out the window :p lol.

Personally, I don't think Batman should have ever had a Robin, but I also don't like the character that much either though, so my 2 cents is completely biased xD

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Posted By JakeN7

Whoa. James Tynion IV has lost a ton of weight! Like 100+ pounds. Good for him

Also, I didn't think my love for Matt Fraction could go any higher, but this video proved me wrong. Dude's hilarious and seems really nice and sociable (he also happens to be writing my favorite Marvel book right now: HAWKGUY!)

Now I feel really bad for skipping out on ECCC this year. I live in Seattle, but have never been to a convention (except the Pokemon Regional Tournament that was held in the same convention center that ECCC took place.) I was planning on going, but I was low on funds. When I finally did have the cash, it was sold out. Oh well. Maybe next year.

In regards to the topic at hand, yes Batman should have another Robin. Not for a while though, and I'm still not sure about the possibility of Harper Row filling in the role. I would like Damian back later down the road, and maybe Tim could go back to the role that he could never quite let go of until Damian does return.

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Posted By ThanosIsMad

The only real takeaway from that is that Spoiler needs a comeback.

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Posted By Technicolorville

@judasnixon: IKR he should have done it like the "Power Puff Girls" saving the day before bedtime.

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Posted By shackle

"Robins in Refrigerators"

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Posted By darthfoo

I think Harper Row might be the next Robin.

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Edited By Nightw BR

I've said this a couple of times on this topic. In a weird way Tim is still Robin. He may be establishing himself as Red Robin, but in my mind he is still Robin. Also I love Nightwing and he's one of my faves, but originally in the older comics he made a decision I disagreed with by making Damian Robin. I have to take Tim's side on that. Reason I say that is because of the name Red Robin it's a name that Tim took over in the mindset he still wanted to be Robin. I don't think he'll go back to Robin, but the name he has taken is definitely inspired from when he was Robin.

I love the Batman, Robin dynamic or the dynamic duo and unfortunately using those words were unplanned and just changed my mind a little, I still think of Tim as Robin, but should there be another? Yes before I thought of the word dynamic I didn't care if there was another Robin, but as hard as it is to deny Batman & Robin are a special relationship dynamic and they go together. Its like pizza and cheese, not very many people have it without cheese. That's like the relationship of Batman & Robin. He needs another one. I couldn't argue with this, even though in a way I tried when those words came out I knew it was meant to be.

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Posted By bob808

yes but only in a year or two

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Posted By LifePool

I like this robot idea a few people have circulated around.

Never really thought of it: it would serve the purpose of a Robin (providing Batman with support) without putting anymore children in danger.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

@The_Tree said:

He shouldn't, but he will.


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Posted By thenexusrebound

I love the idea that they keep saying Robins die all the time. Only two have died and one has come back as a mega badass. I agree with Fraction though, that is why I hope Harper becomes the new Robin or maybe she takes up the title Red Bird who knows!

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Posted By AskaniSon295

he should make a Robot Robin.

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Posted By Darkmount1
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Posted By hyperman

Of course he should, it's like Superman and Lois lane, sherlock holmes and dr watson, Cleopatra and marc Anthony, Adam and Eve, Bonnie and Clyde and so forth, It's iconic!!! And I want so badly Dick Grayson to be back as Robin!

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Posted By Zeeguy91

I have to say that Josh Fialkov and Matt Fraction's responses were my favorites. Matt is especially hilarious. Anyway, I don't think Batman should have a new Robin right now and probably not for a few years. Maybe when issue #56 of Batman rolls around (i.e. three years from now), they could have another Robin come in and fill Damian's shoes. I think Harper Row would actually make a great Robin. In fact, I think that is what Snyder is building her up to be.

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Posted By TheCheeseStabber

@leokearon: Think with that Power he should've been able to fight off Joker in Death of The Family


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Posted By millennium

yes batman should have a robin and im hoping for a female one come on stephanie brown or harper row

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Posted By moondogy42

Robin serves as a buffer,instead of bats dying robin acts as his scapegoat

win freaking win

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Posted By zanevittorio

No way! I don't even like the idea of him having a kid to be honest.

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Posted By DocFishstick

Yes i think he should have a Robin. I say they should give the job to Helena Wayne. She was Robin on Earth 2 and she was Batman's daughter. So we have a Robin with Wayne's blood in her. I would love to see this.

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Posted By wessaari

@Trevel8182 said:

@Nightwing4: Does no one remember Stephanie brown

No Caption Provided

this, and

Jim Mccan totally gave a Spoiler shoutout!!!!!

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Posted By Mezmero

He should be allowed another Robin but not a kid. Instead he should hire an actual robin to be a Robin. The bird could have telepathy to communicate and maybe ice powers for good measure. If Batman can prove that he's responsible enough to take care of a little telepathic ice bird then he can try training kids again. It doesn't have to be a real bird, maybe a mechanical bird automaton that is networked to the batcomputer. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Titus or Alfred the cat as Robins.

I think he just shouldn't be allowed to have anymore clones as Robins or clones period. Damian got killed because he was artificial, not meant to be. If Bruce wants a kid he'll do it the old fashioned way and not the creepy love potion number 9 way. Jason's death was an accident if you consider underestimatng the Joker an accident. Love this video! Want more soon!

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Posted By Trevel8182

@Nightwing4: Does no one remember Stephanie brown

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Posted By bsavelli

I agree with James Tynion IV when he says that Robin is an important part of the Batman mythos, but I don't know if Batman should have another person to wear the mantle, and that's for the simple reason that Damian was not just his Robin, he was his son. To just choose someone else to take his place wouldn't be easy to him. Now, I'm not the greatest fan of characters' resurrections on comic books, but yeah, maybe it would be a good idea to bring him back.

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Posted By TDK_1997

@darkwingdan: Yep.Or we can get Stephanie Brown as his sidekick.

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Posted By EdBlank

One does not simply "allow" the GD Batman to do things..

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Posted By Grey56

Look, sir - are you simply trying to be provocative? I'm trying to ascertain what your goal is - to answer whether there is legal maneuver to enlist a minor for crime fighting acting outside any law enforcement agency or if there is metaphysical conceit to justify a fictional character recruiting another fictional character for Quixotic crusades.

I'm assuming broadly that you are asking about the latter. However, you are using the word 'should' which carries some implicit moral weight. Any litany of things can be written into comics without the sticky legalities that encumber us day to day - to include the enlistment of children for extra-legal martial enforcement.

The better question is; Is Batman right to have Robin fight alongside him. Is it right for Bruce to knowingly take in someone, regardless as to circumstance - and expose them to the horrors which face people seeking to protect civil society from serial killers and worse? Do the legalities of socio-norms matter when one is compelled by a calling for Kantian justice - those are some questions.

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Posted By darkwingdan

@TDK_1997: maybe get Tim back?

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Posted By darkwingdan

@Nightwing4: I agree. Although the two have occurred in the last 25 year years. That's still pretty good. Sure, in the video Tony makes the point "2 in 5 years," but the comic book world is not the real world. There are leaps in logic and crazy stuff happening all the time. There's an entire universe where "mutants" face persecution, while other superpowered beings are not. We had Superboy-Prime punch reality to resurrect Jason Todd (sidebar: I love the reality punch because it is the type of crazy, insane stuff we only get in comics). Maybe in our world, it wouldn't make sense for Batman to get another Robin, but not in the world of comics.

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Posted By Nightwing4

2 Robin deaths in over 70 years of comics. "They die a lot." "They're dropping like flies."

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Posted By leokearon

@TheCheeseStabber said:

Whens Alfred gonna become Robin...

Why would he be Robin when he's The Eagle!

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Posted By I_Stay_Puft

HE probably shouldn't, he's 2/5 now in terms of Robin survivability.

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Posted By Mucklefluga

Matt behind was Sam was so scary ahaaaaaa ;D

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Posted By TDK_1997

Right now no but in the future I want another Robin.It may even be one of the old ones.

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Posted By xblah_blahx

I just never could by into the caped crusader having a kid for a sidekick. Lets get the original duo back together. Batman and Nightwing!

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Posted By The Cyan Lantern

Good ol' Fraction

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Posted By Mutant God

What if the next Robin is not human, what if Batman built a robotic child to be the next Robin