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Off Our Minds: Our Thoughts on the Recent Changes at DC

The Comic Vine Staff sounds off on the recent changes made at DC comics.

If you are a fan of DC comics then you likely heard all about the recent changes made at the company. From the publisher's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns' departure from GREEN LANTERN, to the cancellations of six 'New 52' titles as well as some major shifts made to creative teams, things have really been turned upside down over at DC. For those of us who have been reading GREEN LANTERN for the last decade, this news is huge. Not only that, but some of the titles that many of us had been enjoying are now gone. So, how do we feel? Collectively, the entire Staff here at Comic Vine feel pretty strongly about the recent announcements and changes made in the company, so we thought it would be good to sound off and give our thoughts on all of the recent announcements. Now, without further ado, here are our biggest concerns (as well as what we are looking forward to) in regards to the recent changes made at DC.

Tony's Thoughts


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Cancellations are never fun to hear. In some cases they're not a surprise. For a book like TEAM 7, it does seem a little sudden. It was a great idea having a series set in the New 52's past. This may be a minor contention for those that like to nit-pick over what did or did not happen but there was value in the idea. I still would love to see a series or stories set 'in the past' to see more on how the New 52 versions of the characters we're not reading developed. The zero issues showed us, in many cases, that there are quite a bit differences in characters' histories.

There is obvious deep concern over GREEN LANTERN. This isn't to say that Geoff Johns is the only person that is capable of writing the character but nine years is pretty impressive. Nine years with great stories in this corner of the DCU. It could be a good thing for someone new to come in and put their stamp on the characters but there will be the fear that it could take a turn for the worse. The 'big names' at DC seem to already have their hands full on other titles. It may be completely possible that a newer and less experienced writer could be out there ready to tell the greatest GL stories ever. I will admit I'm afraid. We'll have to wait for an announcement on who is next and whether the writer for issue 21 will be the new ongoing writer.

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I'm not sure how I feel about THE GREEN TEAM as a new series but I love the fact that Art Baltazar and Franco are writing a New 52 title. They're great guys and talented writers. How they take on a more serious book will be interesting. These guys will definitely add a different feel to the DCU.

There's also THE MOVEMENT. Again, not sure about the actual series but I absolutely love Freddie Williams II's art. He needs to be put on a really great book that will last. I have no idea if this is the one but I want and need to see more of his artwork.

Really excited to see what Justin Jordan will bring to SUPERBOY.

Sara's Thoughts


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I know I am probably one of the few people enjoying (or even reading) this series, but the cancellation of SWORD OF SORCERY was pretty disappointing to see. Although even I hesitated initially when I first heard about the book, after having given it a chance, I found I really enjoyed it. The comic is really well written and there are very few like it being published. What I most enjoyed about this series is the fact that it targeted this untapped demographic: it's a book I wouldn't mind lending my younger niece to read. Sure, it's about a Princess wielding magical powers, but it's also about more than just that. At it's core, it's a well written story about a teenage girl on her own personal journey of self discovery and it's written in a way that feels accessible. The story also featured cameos from other characters like Constantine and it was just starting to get really interesting.

While I understand that comics is a market, just like anything else, and the sales numbers for this series declined at a rapid rate, I do wonder if the publisher had done enough to promote the series in general. I truly think that all the blame should not fall on the shoulders of the creative team and that often there are other external factors that can contribute to whether a series will fail or succeed -- like how much or how little a comic is promoted by the publisher, for example.


When BATWING first launched I thought the concept was pretty interesting, and although I did enjoy a lot of what Judd Winick had done for the series and its central characters, I do think it may be time for a fresh take. Being that I am a huge fan of so much of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's work on JONAH HEX, ALL-STAR WESTERN, POWER GIRL and etc., I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this team has in store for BATWING.

Mat's Thoughts:

Concerns: Johns Leaves GREEN LANTERN

Writer Geoff Johns leaving GREEN LANTERN made me feel like my life-long friend (who happens to be a dog) was hit by a car and left on the road, for dead. I was extremely bummed out, since GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH was one of the comics that got me back into reading super-hero books. The way he expanded and built on that universe was brilliant. He took a good character and made him great. His nine year run on this series is one of my favorites. That being said, you can't really trap a guy into a series forever, can you? If Johns doesn't have any more stories to tell in the Green Lantern world, why force it? At some point, he's going to have to pass the reigns to another writer, so why not leave on top, rather than leave 4 years from now when he's just forcing it?

At the same, maybe seeing a new writer on this book will be a good thing. As great as Geoff Johns was with GREEN LANTERN, he's not the only amazing writing in the world or at DC. New blood could easily build on the mythos Johns established and add to this world. It's not like Johns isn't writing for DC anymore though. He's still on AQUAMAN, which he's been doing fantastic on thus far, and let's not forget he's still writing JUSTICE LEAGUE as well. So while we're all still in a bit of shock that Johns is no longer writing the book that made him a household name, GREEN LANTERN still has a bright future.


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While there was a butt-load (which is not an actual measurement by any means) of cancellations recently, two new books were announced: THE GREEN TEAM and THE MOVEMENT. DC is once again dipping into the character-well and reintroducing the world to the Green Team from DC 1st Issue Special #2. The original book was about boy millionaires, and now it's about teen trillionaires. On the opposite side we have The Movement. This is going to essentially be the Occupy Movement vs the 1% in comic book format, from what the announcements look like.

I've been a big fan of DC digging into their vaults to give none A-listers a chance. Seeing books like this only makes me thing we're one step closer to LADY COP getting her own series (that's a joke). The idea of these two series I'm only so-so on, but what really interests me is the fantastic creative teams behind these books. GREEN TEAM has Art Baltazar, Franco, and Ig Guara working on it, while The MOVEMENT has Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II on it. Great creative teams can make any idea appealing. Sure, these books may not be my cup of tea, but neither was JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, when it came out, and now it's one of my favorite books. Heck, I'm willing to give anything a try, comic wise, as long as I like the team involved. As weird as it may sound, I'm super-pumped for both of these series and I can't wait to read them.

Greg's Thoughts:

Concerns: DEATHSTROKE Title Cancellation.

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Right as DEATHSTROKE starts to get good again, DC pulls the rug out from under our feet. I get that a series focused on a single villain is obviously a tough thing to sell to most, but come on, they're not even giving new writer Justin Jordan a fair chance to redeem the character! He literally had two (yes, a whopping TWO) issues with Slade Wilson before DC decided to terminate the Terminator.

The title clearly went through a rough patch, but Jordan's work on the title was very promising. His version of Deathstroke wasn't only an amazing mercenary -- he was also smart and that's a key part of the character that cannot be overlooked. Sure, we'll see him appear in stories from time to time, but there's really enough depth there to warrant his own solo book. It's just a shame that's being taken away from us, especially as Jordan started to restore our faith in the title. But hey, at least we still have RED LANTERNS, right? ...right?

What's next?

There have been a lot of changes, and we are sure that many of you have your concerns. What do you think? Who do you think should replace Geoff Johns on GREEN LANTERN? What shift in creative team are you most looking forward to seeing? Which title are you sad to see canceled? Sound off in the comments section, below!