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Off My Mind: X-Men First Class—Magneto Turns Evil

We know the story in the comics, what makes Magneto and Professor X part ways in the movie?

X-Men: First Class is a movie full of mystery. We all know the story of the X-Men. We know how Professor X and Magneto shared the same ideals and were close friends. Eventually they parted ways and became rivals. What has been causing confusion for X-Men readers is the apparent discrepancies with the few images and facts we know.  
This X-Men movie can't have any real ties to the last three Fox movies (four if you count X-Men Origins: Wolverine). The movie takes place in the 60s. Somehow we have characters that would be young in today's time but they'll have a place on the team before the actual first class even appears. There's also Emma Frost appearing in the movie when she was in the Wolverine movie as a young woman. 
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Let's not dwell on those facts. Let's think about Magneto. I've always felt he was a far more interesting character than Professor X. They both want what's best for mutants (or Homo Superior) but have taken different routes in accomplishing their goals. As I write this, we are waiting for the first official trailer of the movie. What we have seen so far is two images of Michael Fassbender as Magneto. I believe those two images clearly tell us Magneto's fate. 
   == TEASER ==  
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The first image we saw showed Magneto in a yellow and blue jacket. This is the same jacket the other X-Men are seen wearing. This tells us that both he and Charles Xavier worked together in forming the team. Then a second image was released with Magneto wearing a helmet. With the second image, I wondered why he would be wearing a helmet. The purpose of the helmet was to block Charles' telepathic abilities. Because it's not in his traditional read coloring, that tells me he just had it made (or made it himself). Besides Charles and Emma, are there other telepaths around? Is Magneto so paranoid that he starts right off blocking the potential telepathic threats? I think this image marks the first point where he and Charles begin to part ways. That explains why he's still wearing the X-Men jacket but is prepared to stand up against his former friend. 
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As he sets out on his own, he covers the helmet in a coat of shiny red paint (seen in the first image above). We also see that he no longer is wearing the team jacket. Now his out fit is a red top with a fashionable cape (hopefully we'll get an explanation why he felt he needed an actual cape). What I can't quite figure out is what is this room he's standing in? It almost looks like a bank vault with safety deposit boxes but looking carefully, you can see that isn't the case. Wherever he's at, you can bet he's up to no good. 
Hopefully, if anything,  we'll get a good look at the friendship between Magneto and Professor X. This is what I'm most interested in. I can't say the list of other mutants appearing really gets me excited (except for Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw naturally). I want to see how their relationship will be depicted and what event will drive a wedge between them. In the comics it was just a difference in ideals. I want to see something a little more...explosive. After we see that first trailer, we just might get an idea. For now we can only ponder over what happened that drove these two apart and pushed Magneto to the other side.