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Off My Mind: Why Villains Need to Unite Against Superheroes

Egos should be set aside. The world's a big place and taking it over would leave enough loot for everyone.

Superheroes are often seen as remarkable and dedicated individuals. They often give up elements of their personal life in order to put on a costume and risk their lives to defeat the evil forces determined to harm the world. They will make sacrifices and have made it their mission in life to protect innocent civilians.

As determined as the superheroes are, it could be argued that there are others that are more determined. Supervillains are the most stubborn people around. They will do anything and stop at nothing to try to fulfill their goal of world domination (or simply robbing a bank, depending on their ambition). Supervillains rarely win the fight against the hero yet they never give up. No matter how many times a supervillain is locked up, they always manage to escape or get released in order to continue their dastardly plans.

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What supervillains need to do is get some better organization. They need to try to look at the bigger picture. Feelings of revenge need to be set aside in order to truly accomplish more than throwing a few punches with a hero and getting locked up. In order to finally win the battle, supervillains need to band together and make their plans on a much larger level.

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Superheroes understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Despite having won battle after battle against the villains, they understand there are times when they can't do it all alone. They are (usually) not afraid to ask for help. This is where the superhero teams come in. With the world's greatest or mightiest heroes together, it will take a lot of firepower and skill to get past them. Villains have tried forming evil teams from time to time but the structure needs to be fortified.

Recently Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have given us a twist to the Heroes for Hire idea with VILLAINS for Hire. When supervillains have tried to form evil teams before, it's not a lack of power or ability that allows them to be defeated, it's their egos. They all want to be in charge. They can't trust each other. Most likely they can't even stand each other. This is something you don't usually see on the superhero teams. They have better organization and are motivated by the common goal of doing the right thing as heroes.

The idea of a Villains for Hire team could work if handled properly. What supervillains really care about is money and respect. If someone with intelligence is acting as 'Control' over the villains, they could make sure those two elements are present.

When forming a well-balanced team, the different abilities need to be assessed and the need for certain members really depends on the mission. Captain America probably wouldn't send Ant-Man against Galactus. A set team is good as there are members around when a threat arises but the idea of having heroes (or villains) available for hire makes more sense. Individuals with certain abilities should be called upon and utilized based on need for each situation.

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What happens when Doc Ock goes up against Spider-Man or when the Riddler tries outsmarting Batman? They get defeated. They each have remarkable skills and they could be put to better use in the right situation. Although Doc Ock has had some success when teaming with the Sinister Six, showing that sometimes there are strengths in numbers. He just needs to focus on someone that doesn't know all of his weaknesses.

Purple Man is trying his luck with the notion of Villains for Hire. The idea of having a network of bad guys willing to play a role in a bigger scheme has its benefits. He doesn't even have to get his hands dirty as he can simply sit back, coordinate everything and issue orders to those he hires.

Of course Deathstroke also had his own Villains for Hire team (when they took over the TITANS series).

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It worked for a little bit but Deathstroke didn't show them enough respect and things blew up in his face.

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Another good example is Calculator. He may be a brilliant guy but he was never taken seriously until he upped the stakes and started getting other deadly villains to work for him. He basically was the evil version of Barbara Gordon when she operated as Oracle. Calculator would provide plans and information that were almost guaranteed to help out the crooks. He charged them a fee of course but his help was worth it.

Fortunately the superheroes and innocent civilians of the comic worlds don't really have anything to worry about. No matter how well played the plans of evil-doers are, something always goes wrong. Greed and ego are often the cause for plans to go sour.

Villains just can't be trusted. If they can get put aside their petty differences and work together, they might actually have a chance of ruling the world.