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Off My Mind: Why Superman and Wonder Woman's Kiss Makes Sense (For Now)

Everyone's been talking about it and what they think but after seeing how it played out, has the opinion changed?

The debate on whether or not Superman and Wonder Woman should 'hook up' has been an ongoing one for decades. When it was announced that Clark Kent and Lois Lane would no longer be married once the New 52 started, the topic of Superman and Wonder Woman came up again. Last week's cover reveal of this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 ignited the argument even further.

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It's easy to judge a book by its cover. That's what many have and will do with this issue featuring the Kryptonian and Amazon locked in a passionate kiss. There shouldn't be an argument over whether or not this should happen because it has and is happening. Geoff Johns even stated that this is the new status quo. For how long, we don't know.

If you've read the issue, you saw the events that lead up to 'the kiss.' This moment wasn't the main focus on the issue. The comic actually concludes the battle between the Justice League and their new deadly enemy, Graves. If we look at how and why this kiss happened, we can see that it does make sense. There will be spoilers below for JUSTICE LEAGUE #12. Be sure you check out this momentous issue for yourself before reading below.

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Booster Gold shares the reaction of many.
Booster Gold shares the reaction of many.

The first thing we need to keep in mind is this isn't forever. It may be the "status quo" but that doesn't mean it will last for a year or even several months. This is something worth checking out right now. If Lois and Clark's marriage is gone, why not explore Superman and Wonder Woman being together? A main focus of the Superman comics has been the building of the relationship between Superman/Clark and Lois. We don't need to see that play out all over again. I strongly believe that Lois and Clark will end up together. They don't need to do so right away. I don't plan on giving up comics anytime soon and I'm in it for the long haul. I'd much rather see how this plays out rather than see Clark moping around for Lois. And Lois has already shown that she is with someone else.

There are also those that make the argument we've already seen these two try to get together several times. That is true. There has been a few special and anniversary issues where Superman and Wonder Woman kiss. For different reasons it doesn't work out. Why this might be different is the fact that the New 52 Superman and New 52 Wonder Woman aren't completely the same characters they were before. They have gone through some slightly different events and their personalities aren't exactly the same from what we've seen.

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The main thing is the danger in their lives and trying to relate to a 'normal' person. I've often wondered how the Man of Steel could even lie next to Lois. A muscle flinch during the night could send her flying through the wall. They also both have a long list of enemies. This was the reason Wonder Woman ended things with Steve Trevor in the first place. Even though they were no longer together, his relationship with Wonder Woman and the League put his life in jeopardy.

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Wonder Woman and Superman both see how 'alone' they are right now in the New 52. There really isn't anyone on their level. Superman is the last of the Kryptonians and Wonder Woman can't really be sure of her place among men or Themyscira. This feeling is what will draw them towards each other. They are both extremely powerful. They are virtually equals. They are both lonely. They have nothing to lose by seeing where this could lead. When Superman is Clark Kent, he is almost putting on an act. Clark Kent is indeed who he is but he always has to hold back and pretend to be a normal human. That won't be the case with Wonder Woman. Diana may have explored romance with Trevor during her early days in 'man's world' but Clark could actually help her balance the life of a superhero with that of a normal civilian one.

But this doesn't mean they're perfect for each other or meant to be together.

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I see it as an experimentation between the two. Only this time, we'll likely see it played out a little longer than the one shot stories we've had in the past. Also, JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 just had a kiss. They may not take it further than that. If they do, who knows how much they'll actually explore.

Both heroes are extremely busy. I don't see each becoming a supporting character in the other's comic(s). Brian Azzarello and new SUPERMAN writer Scott Lobdell may have a mention or cameo included but I don't see them joining each other's series full time.

There's also the upcoming Man of Steel movie. If we go based on how comics have often changed around the time a movie is released, we probably won't see the two together in comics while Superman has a movie on the big screen.

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Superman will someday end up with Lois. Wonder Woman definitely doesn't need a man in her life to define her character. Comic books have always contained loads of romance. There has been a large population that has been wanting to see this happen. There are some things that are worth trying. Just as Wonder Woman doesn't need Superman to make her a better character, why should Superman need Lois Lane or vice versa? Fans of Lois and Clark will get their wish someday. For now, Superman and Wonder Woman are taking their relationship to new heights. Especially if they continue to make out while flying through the sky.

Note: There were so many times I found myself automatically typing "Superman and Lois." It's just a matter of time, people.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. He really hopes his marriage is never retconned.