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Off My Mind: Why Do Mad Scientists Turn to Crime?

Wouldn't their inventions bring in all the money they would need?

In comic books, one stereotype for villains is the evil mad scientist. These evil geniuses make elaborate devices and plans when trying to come up with the perfect crime. They create brilliant machinery and gadgets that will assist in their schemes and help fight off any superheroes that might try to stop them.

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Often, their plans include ruling the world. Realistically, would ruling the world bring that much joy? You would think there would be a lot of responsibility in having a whole world to run. Being that they are so intelligent, they should know there would be a better way to achieve some of the goals they are after. 
It doesn't take a genius to figure out how they can achieve success without resorting to crime. What should these evil scientists do differently to avoid being captured and going to jail? 
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These brilliant men (and women) should use their intellect and inventions to make money. With all the gadgets and high-tech arsenal they create, they could patent them and make a fortune. They could use their brains to create devices or cures for the ailments of mankind. They come up with such elaborate schemes and if they focused that energy into creating something useful or even something cool, they could make money and gain the world's respect. In some cases they commit crimes in order to have more funding to further their misunderstood research and experiments. But if they tried selling or patenting their creations, they wouldn't have to resort to crimes.
We know money doesn't necessarily equal happiness. Often these men were ridiculed during their youth and decided to dedicate their lives to right the wrongs that were put upon them. That doesn't have to mean ruling the world. Why not be a successful inventor and show the bullies what someone can do when they apply themselves?  
It's all about power and respect. These brilliant men and women should know better than to resort to crime. Despite showing a vast amount of intelligence in their planning, they rarely manage to take the heroes into consideration. Even when knowing the heroes' weaknesses, they still fail in their schemes and get caught. Committing crimes and repeatedly going to jail isn't the best way to show how intelligent you are. 
 Surely Lex could create an invention that could easily make 40 cakes...
 Surely Lex could create an invention that could easily make 40 cakes...
The evil geniuses of the world need to realize that they can achieve their goals without stealing or trying to rule the world. It could be that when doing their research and planning they lose their patients and want immediate results. These mad scientists will never be a threat until they realize there are other ways to achieve their goals. Crime doesn't pay and they will always get caught.  
Will they ever learn that crime isn't the answer? What mad genius will be able to go against the stereotype and try to use their intellect for good rather than evil? Some have tried but who will manage to succeed?