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Off My Mind: Where Do Superheroes Go On Vacation?

With all that they've seen, what place could be luxurious enough?

I brought up the question before whether or not superheroes get holidays off. Some feel they deserve it. My question today is, where could superheroes go on vacation? 

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Superheroes have access to places normal people don't. With all the crazy places they've been to, what location would qualify as a great vacation spot? The Savage Land could be a cool place but even with superpowers, who wants to have to worry about fighting off dinosaurs or savage natives? The Blue Area of the moon could be interesting, but I'm not sure what sort of accommodations or room service they'd have up there. What about Paradise Island? With a name like that, you'd think it'd be perfect, right? The only two problems with Paradise Island is you have to be female to go there and there's the fact that it's getting destroyed in Wonder Woman #600.
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Maybe going to a normal vacation spot would be better. It might not be as exciting as some of the different planets or dimensions they've traveled to but there might be less hassles. Just because they have superpowers doesn't mean they have to vacation at exotic places. 
If they did choose a normal location, they would have to make sure they weren't recognized. While most heroes do wear masks and have secret identities, their perfectly chiseled bodies might stand out. The last thing they'd want to do on vacation is be bothered by fans.
The real question is can they let go of their work in order to relax, unwind and recharge. Letting go of work can be a hard thing to do. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Where would be the best place for superheroes?