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Off My Mind: When Superheroes Become Homeless

What happens when heroes have no source of income?

I brought up the question of whether or not superheroes should get paid before. That's where the Super Human Registration Act could work in their favor. With superheroes and their secret identities, the idea of how they would get paid could be difficult. If their identity is a secret, how would they cash their checks or pay taxes on their income?
There's also the fact that heroes are who they are because of a need or sense of responsibility to do good. They aren't out saving lives to gain fame or fortune. They become heroes because they have the abilities that allow them to save those in need. You can't put a price on the cost of saving a life. 

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What happens to the hero that decides to do the right thing? Super-powered individuals could easily take what they want, but that's not who they are. D-Man (formerly known as Demolition Man) is a hero that was partners with Captain America and eventually became a homeless hero. Is it right that those who have given and risked so much could easily fall from grace?
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It really shouldn't be possible for a hero to become homeless. No one is forcing them to spend their time fighting crime. You could even think of being a superhero as being a volunteer. People do volunteer work all the time. They just don't let it consume so much of their time that they are unable to provide for themselves. It might be difficult for heroes to hold down a decent job when they are dedicated to saving the world. You can't schedule supervillain battles outside normal business hours. When heroes are out late patrolling the streets or getting caught up chasing after their enemies, finding time to sleep and rest can be difficult, especially if they have to report to a real job early the next day. 
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Perhaps being a superhero is almost like an addiction. Some may crave the rush of adrenaline in chasing and defeating the bad guys. Others may have suffered such a tragic experience that the only way they can find temporary peace within themselves is by bringing wrong-doers to justice. Are the heroes that obsess over fighting evil responsible if they allow their personal lives to fall to pieces? What happens when being a superhero causes them to lose their paying jobs?  

Heroes are heroes because that's who they are. They don't ask for or feel the need to be paid for saving lives. Yet, police officers and fire fighters rightfully get paid for doing the same. What is the solution? Should heroes that are hard up stop being selfless and start worrying more about themselves? Should they turn their backs on the weak and defenseless victims in the world? People may not ask them to give up their personal time to fight evil but you know they are more than thankful when their property or lives are saved by them. Superheroes could easily become celebrities or sports stars by wrongfully using their powers for personal gain. If that did happen, they would lose the identity of who they used to be and wouldn't be around when they might really be needed.   Perhaps a Super Hero Legal Defense Fund could be set up for those heroes that can't help but spend so much time saving lives. If they should ever find themselves in a situation where they lose everything and don't want to use their powers to wrongfully take what they need, they'll have the assistance they might need.