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Off My Mind: The Mystery Woman in DC's 'New 52' is One of These Two Characters

A glowing pink lady has been appearing in every single new issue. Here is another theory as to her connection to the DC Universe.

DC Comics has changed the face of the DC Universe. With 'The New 52,' we are seeing several changes while others aspects have remained the same. Each week as the new #1 issues roll out, we've been dissecting the stories trying to figure out what changes may have occurred.

The explanation for the tweaks to the DCU can be attributed to Flashpoint. Basically Barry Allen messed up the timeline. While attempting to fix things, we saw the image of a mysterious glowing woman. She told him the timeline had been splintered and weakened. Barry could help repair things but at a cost.

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Now we have a new Universe. It looks the same but there have been some differences in characters' origins and the inclusion of Vertigo and Wildstorm characters. The big question is, who is this glowing pink lady? She has been appearing in every single #1 issue this month. Does she have an existing connection to the DC Universe or is this the first time we're seeing a character of this nature?

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People have been discussing this since it was noticed she appeared in one panel in Justice League #1. With each one-panel appearance, she has silently stood, unnoticed by all and in complete silence. Her behavior is reminiscent to the Watcher in Marvel comics. The difference is, a Watcher pops up when a major event is unfolding.

This woman has been seen at random, sometimes uneventful, moments. We are left with the question of who is she and what are her motives? Did she have good intentions in guiding Barry to fix the timelines or could there be some devious plan now set in motion?

There could be something to the words she first said to Barry in Flashpoint #5 when Barry asked why there were three timelines. That is when she replied.

Because the history of heroes was shattered into three long ago. Splintered to weaken your world for their impending arrival. You must all stand together. The timelines must become one again.
Adventure Comics #318 (1964)
Adventure Comics #318 (1964)

The three timelines could just be a reference to the Vertigo, Wildstorm and DC Universes but I don't buy that we're supposed to believe these three publishers were always supposed to have existed in the same timeline. Also, the mention of three got me thinking. Didn't we recently have three timelines involving the Legion of Super-Heroes? During Final Crisis, we had the Legion of Three Worlds miniseries. The Legion has a lot of history in the DC Universe but do they have enough of a presence to be involved in this big mystery? The other connection to the Legion is that this woman is slightly reminiscent to the Time Trapper.

The Time Trapper made his first appearance in 1964's Adventure Comics #318 (or 1958's Wonder Woman #101, if you include the connection to the Ty M. Master character).

Time Trapper is clearly a guy and the color choice of the hood could just be a coincidence but with the numerous stories and tweaks made to the character, there could be a connection.

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The Time Trapper was an enemy of the Legion and prevented them from traveling into their future. Eventually it was revealed that the Time Trapper was a member of the race of Controllers. The Controllers were from Maltus. The Maltusians evolved into the Controllers, Oans (Guardians of the Universe) and Zamarons. These three races are all powerful players in the DCU and even though we haven't really seen other Time Trappers, it could be possible they exist. The Controllers have appeared as recently as Final Crisis and Blackest Night. A female Controller could be hiding behind the pink hood.

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The Time Trapper was also responsible for creating a pocket universe. Because Superman had never been Superboy, he created a pocket universe containing a Superboy the Legion would visit when traveling back in time in order to try to manipulate them. This shows a level of the type of power the Time Trapper contained. When was the last time you created a pocket universe?

The connection to the Legion, the mention of three timelines and the fact that it was Geoff Johns that wrote Legion of Three Worlds could be the connection with this mystery woman. Also in Legion of Three Worlds, we saw the Time Trapper somehow was an older version of Superboy Prime.

It was also during this battle with Superboy Prime and the Time Trapper that another theory came up. The Time Trapper could actually be a sentient alternate timeline!

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We still don't know the full official background of the Time Trapper. Parts of what we've seen has been retconned or erased. There could be others in the same race as the Time Trapper that has been hassling the Legion. This woman could be another or the sentient timeline now taking a female form.

While re-reading the Final Crisis issues, another possible theory evolved. This woman could actually be the Monitor of Earth-6, Weeja Dell.

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The Monitors are said to watch over all of the Multiverse. That would fit with this lady and her brief conversation with Barry. When a Monitor, Nix Uotan, was banished for failing to protect Earth-51 from being destroyed, his Monitor lover, Weeja Dell was outraged. While Nix was banished, it was the thought of Weeja that kept him going and allowed him to recall being a Monitor. Nix gained power and was reinstated among the Monitors after defeating his transformed father, Mandrakk and Darkseid's scheme to destroy the Multiverse. The Multiverse was saved, except it meant the end for the Monitors. Nix and Weeja said their final goodbye. Nix was reborn as a human in Metropolis and has been said to be the only Monitor left. Could it be that Weeja somehow found a way to survive and now has a hand in the 'New 52' universe?

Of course this mystery lady could be someone completely new. The three mentioned in regards to the timeline could just be referring to the Vertigo, Wildstorm and DC Universe. That would be too easy. There has to be a bigger connection. It would be disappointing if this woman was just a new character created to usher in 'The New 52." What we do know is she will continue to make appearances in the rest of the #1 issues. We can bet that we won't find out her full story in the next month or two. As soon as this new universe is established and we learn how our favorite characters have changed, we're sure to see a major crossover. This woman will be at the center of it. It might just be us readers that can see her. We shouldn't be surprised if characters begin seeing her very soon as well. Then again, maybe she's really Stephanie Brown. She likes pink, doesn't she? (That was a joke. Really).

Here's most of her appearances until now. Click to enlarge.

Now it's up to you to voice your theories. Do you agree with either of mine or do you have one of your own?