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Off My Mind: The Future of the Green Lantern Corps

GREEN LANTERN #20 was a massive issue and revealed the future of the Lanterns from Earth.

GREEN LANTERN #20 was a perfect ending to Geoff Johns' nine-year run. It tied up the current story, went all out on the action, set things up for the next creative team and even went so far as to reveal the long-term future of most of the characters. (You can read the review HERE).

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The revelation of the future was an interesting choice. In some ways, it almost locks in the characters' futures. Of course there's always a way around it. One could even question the individual in the story that revealed the fate of the Earth Lanterns. But it should provide some hope to readers, at least for now.

We won't spoil all the events from the issue but we will look at the fates of the Green Lanterns from Earth. Make sure you read GREEN LANTERN #20 to see how the story ends and the fates of other characters.

Hal Jordan

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Hal finally finds happiness. In the future he gets married and has a kid and grandkids. Who does he marry? In the panel above, it's not completely clear. But a later panel reveals that he did marry Carol Ferris. They lived a life of "happiness together. Free of fear and full of love."

We also see that when Hal and Carol have their kid, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are still around (of course).

Guy Gardner

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What becomes of Guy?

In a fitting ending, we see him living out his days in a bar. Cozying up to the females. He's made plenty of enemies over the years but that won't stop him in celebrating life.

It's not clear what Corps he belongs to since a ring isn't seen on his finger and he doesn't choose or need to use it to defeat an immediate threat. He is referred to as a Green Lantern so perhaps that is what he is best known for.

John Stewart

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There was a rumor John was going to die. Even if that were to someday happen, like many in comics, he'll get better. We see an older John, possibly married, and a great leader on Earth. He becomes a state senator and is seems to live a life of peace and happiness.

Kyle Rayner

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Does he keep the White Power Ring? Apparently so.

Kyle becomes a healer for the universe. He uses his power to save millions. We don't know if he lives his final days out in space on an alien world of if he traveled around. It does look like he lives out his life in happiness fulfilling his purpose of helping others.

Simon Baz

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Simon gets to remain being a Green Lantern. It's interesting to find out he does train the first Earth female Lantern, Jessica Cruz. It's not clear when or how she becomes a Lantern. It's said she becomes one "in the wake of the Justice League's death." In Hal's future, we saw Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The Justice League's death doesn't necessarily mean the death of the actual members but member the demise of the team. Or perhaps on a mission, it was believed the entire team perished. Why she would be selected when the other Earth Lanterns are still alive could mean another 'dies' and then returns. There could also be some other circumstances that called for her to become one.

Simon was said to be a "miracle worker" and pushed others to their best and was able to tap into more of the unknown potential of the Power Ring.

What about Sinestro?

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In the story, Sinestro leaves for parts unknown. While we did spoil the fate of the other Lanterns, there are some things you should read for yourself. The image above may reveal a clue.

The stories of everyone appears to be contained in a Book of Oa. Does that mean it's absolute? Did Geoff Johns lock in the future of these characters? As mentioned, anything can happen. And just because we see the characters in their older days, they can still go through enormous hardships and struggles. They could die and return years later. Or the "narrator" and keeper of the book could have twisted the truth to make each story more appealing.

We'll just have to wait and see as all their stories unfold.