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Off My Mind: The Connection Between X-23 & Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister can't keep his hands off of clones. Was he involved in X-23's creation?

X-23 is a relatively new character, having made her comic debut in2003's NYX #3. We've seen her origin in the six issue arc Innocence Lost but could there be more to it than we realize? Marvel says X-23 will be embarking on a search to find her soul in the coming months because she is a clone. There are two characters in the Marvel Universe that have an affinity for clones: Mr. Sinister and Professor Miles Warren (who was mainly obsessed with Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker). Mr. Sinister may be dead but we know he managed to create a clone of himself before his demise. Miss Sinister is that clone and she will be bad news for X-23 in the months to come.
Since Mr. Sinister spent so much of his life studying mutants and cloning, could it be possible that he was somehow involved in the creation of X-23? It was Dr. Martin Sutter that put Sarah Kinney and Zander Rice in charge of creating a clone of Wolverine. We've seen Sinister working in disguise in the past, such as the time he tried to clone Namor during WWII or when he worked on Project: Black Womb with Brian Xavier, the father of Charles Xavier. With his history of secretly posing as others to continue his research, could it be possible that he was present at the Facility when X-23 was created? 
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 X-23 was found in Sinister's lab in Age of Apocalypse.
 X-23 was found in Sinister's lab in Age of Apocalypse.
We don't know a lot about Martin Sutter, who Zander Rice had killed. There is the possibility that Sinister was the one that set Sutter on the path to the creation of X-23. Sinister could have been curious to see the Facility's progress in attempting to clone Wolverine. In the Age of Apocalypse reality, she was even found in Sinister's lab (although she was revealed to be Wolverine and Mariko Yashida's daughter). Sinister can't keep his hands off of clones. If it was revealed that Sinister was involved, it wouldn't be surprising. 
Would Sinister's involvement in her creation add to her character? It would give her more of a connection to the X-Men universe and allow her to relate to Sinister's other victims such as Cyclops or Madelyne Pryor. Because successful cloning should be a rare event, it makes sense that Sinister would be involved. Despite that, X-23's story is strong enough to stand on its own. There isn't a need to put Sinister behind the scenes at her creation. Not all X-characters should have secret ties to their past. X-23's origin is obviously linked to Wolverine's and that should be enough. Miss Sinister may become an enemy for X-23 but there isn't a reason to add this twist to her past. 
Do you think it would make sense if Sinister was somehow involved?