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Off My Mind: Spider-Man Vs Venom Vs Anti-Venom Vs Carnage

When will we see the new and old Symbiotes clash?

Remember in the 90s when we had a bunch of symbiotes running around? When Spider-Man brought back the original symbiote during Secret Wars (and in Amazing Spider-Man #252), we had the beginning of something cool. Spider-Man wearing that black and white suit would soon change everything. Of course he couldn't keep the new suit, most likely because his red and blue suit was simply too iconic. The suit turned out to be evil in some ways, wanting to permanently bond with him.

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The solution was to hand the suit over to the opposite of Spider-Man. Eddie Brock hated him because he blamed him for his failures. Then we had Carnage (the asexual offspring of Venom that bonded with serial killer, Cletus Kasady). Then we saw other offspring and even the fan-favorite Toxin (who remains MIA).  
Today, everyone seems to have changed partners. Eddie Brock got rid of the Venom symbiote and became Anti-Venom. The Venom symbiote spent some time with Mac Gargan but now is in possession of the U.S. Government and worn by Flash Thompson. In the Carnage miniseries, we've seen that there is now a female host, Dr. Tanis Nieves (but despite Cletus Kasaday being torn in half, many believe he will return to the suit).  
How long until we see an epic Venom vs. Anti-Venom vs. Carnage vs. Spider-Man story? 
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We haven't seen much of Eddie Brock since his transformation into Anti-Venom. Suffering from cancer, he was transformed with the help of Mister Negative (in his civilian guise). Eddie eventually discovered Mister Negative was evil and will soon make his return, determined to take down Mister Negative's criminal empire. Carnage will have to sort out who will be its host. Flash Thompson is limited to how many missions he can use the suit and it doesn't seem likely that the government would use one of them to deal with other symbiotes...unless it was to get their hands on more. 
A big battle/crossover may not be in the works but it's almost too much of a coincidence that we suddenly have the return of the symbiotes along with new hosts wearing them. If they were going up against Carnage, Flash would want to side with Spider-Man and Eddie Brock most likely would be against the red monster as well. At least, Spider-Man better hope they would be on his side. 
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What I'm more curious is to see Eddie's reaction to the new Venom. In the New Ways To Die storyline, in which his Anti-Venom persona debuted, he wasn't too happy with Mac Gargan wearing the suit. The Venom symbiote is now being used for good...or at least as much good as the U.S. Government does. Will Eddie be okay with the suit being used as a weapon for the Army? What will be the symbiote's reaction to its former host. When Eddie faced off against Mac Gargan as Anti-Venom, he attempted to cure the symbiote. In other words, his new powers can wipe out the other symbiotes. Even though he was harming it, the symbiote still felt love for Eddie. Could Eddie do the same to Carnage or would Carnage be too wild and unpredictable for Eddie to try to cure?
While we're on that topic, how will the new Venom react around Spider-Man? Will Flash be able to retain control or will the suit take over? Will the original symbiote feel love or hate towards Spider-Man? I would imagine Flash would be filled with feelings of excitement and dream fulfillment if he was able to swing around with his idol. 
As I mentioned, there doesn't appear to be any immediate plans for the symbiotes and new hosts to clash. That's the problem with the solicits the publishers put out, it gives you an idea what you can expect or not expect over the next few months. I don't necessarily want to see a rehash of Maximum Carnage but I am curious to see how everyone would interact with each other and who would be on whose side. Let's just hope Spider-Man doesn't get caught in the middle.