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Off My Mind: Should There Be More Super-Powered Animals?

With so many humans "accidentally" gaining powers, what about animals?

The odds say there should be more super-powered animals. Think about it. There are so many humans with special abilities. Some are gained through a bizarre accident. Others are developed. Then there's those that are born with them due to a genetic quirk. What about animals? 

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I know that there are some super-pets running around. The " Pet Avengers" have their share of adventures (but we know it's not in true continuity, right?). Not including those that train to become a superhero, you would think just by birth alone we would see more animals developing powers. Shouldn't we see more animals running around (or flying) with super-abilities?
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Let me be straight and say that I am not putting out the call for more super-pets. I just find it surprising back when there were so many mutants being born that this genetic anomaly would only be a factor for humans. 
Besides the Pet Avengers, I know there has been super-powered animals at DC in the past. Most of them were from Krypton so that doesn't really count (plus they've pretty much been wiped from continuity, except Krypto because he's so cool).
What is it that would cause a human to be born with the X-gene but wouldn't be an issue for animals. Don't they say that chimpanzees share 98% of the same genetic code? How come there's never any comic chimps phasing through their bars at the zoo or having telekinetic powers to get all the bananas they want before feeding time?
I think the answer is simple. There is a conspiracy in both the Marvel and DC Universes. There must be a secret Super-Powered Animal Taskforce (shall we refer to them as SPAT?). Why are animals being held back? Are their rights being taken away? Has there been some sort of super-animal registration act that we didn't know about? Are all the super-powered animals being taken away and placed in a government-run animal shelter? Where did Comet and Beppo the super monkey really disappear to? Something smells fishy and I'm sure it's not a super-powered goldfish flying around with the ability to turn invisible.
Do you think more super-powered animals should exist?