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Off My Mind: Should The X-Men Allow Non-Mutants To Join?

Isn't it all about humans and mutants coexisting?

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Here's a thought I've had a while. A recent pm from Captain13 made me decide to write about this. Professor X's dream has always been that one day humans and mutants can live side by side. If that's the case, why haven't we really seen non-mutants on the team?
I know there has been some non-mutant "friends" that have hung out with the team. Moira MacTaggert is a perfect example. Stevie Hunter was Kitty Pryde's dance teacher who later taught at the Xavier Institute. Cyclops even dated humans Colleen Wing and Lee Forrester. Yet, they haven't really allowed any humans to become official members. Is Professor X really a hypocrite (and a jerk)?
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Okay, maybe there might have been some non-mutants on the team for a very brief time. Juggernaut sort of hung out at the school for a while. Was he truly an official member? Hepzibah came to the school after Corsair died but she ended up leaving with Havok and the new Starjammers. These feel like exceptions due to family relations. There's also Namor. It's debatable whether or not he's a true mutant. Some argue he is a mutant and others argue against.
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Back in April we saw those crazy "We Are The X-Men" promos. We saw Spider-Man, Blade, Savage She-Hulk and Elektra apparently joining the team. Does anyone think this is really going to happen? They may 'hang out' with the X-Men to help them battle some evil but what are the chances of them actually becoming official members? 
Will we ever see the day that an actual non-mutant hero will officially join the team and maybe even get an X-belt buckle to show this off to the world? The X-Men have always been about bridging the gap between humans and mutants. What better way to show they can get along than by having a more diverse team?