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Off My Mind: Should Mary Jane Gain Superpowers?

Having powers could help them stay together.

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It's been 3 years since the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane was erased. The marriage happened but it didn't happen. Spider-Man being married was a way to bring a change to the character. He started out as a high schooler, went through college, lost his first true love and finally settled into being an adult by marrying Mary Jane.  
For different reasons, it was felt Spider-Man shouldn't be married. It was thought by some that younger readers wouldn't be able to relate to a married superhero. Peter Parker always had his bad Parker Luck. He constantly had girl problems trying to juggle his normal life with his superhero career. Many thought marrying a supermodel just didn't fit with who Spider-Man was supposed to be. 
I've always felt there was more to the problem than that. Being a married superhero didn't make me like Spider-Man more or less but I was happy to see the progression. I always thought that the problem was what to do with Mary Jane once they were married. If she wasn't being harassed or threatened by enemies like Eddie Brock or her own personal stalkers, she was pretty much just sitting around waiting for Peter to return home. With so many titles and adventures, it never seemed likely that Peter and Mary Jane actually spent any quality time together.  
What if Mary Jane gained superpowers? Would this allow her to fully become part of Spider-Man's world? 
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I know right away people are probably screaming that Mary Jane should never gain superpowers. That's not who her character is. She was always meant to be a major civilian supporting character for Spider-Man. Having her get powers might be seen as a cop out in trying to keep the two together. But if it meant they could be together, would it really be that bad? 
I actually first thought this would happen back in 1985 with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19. I thought it would be cheesy but I would have been totally okay with it. So much was put into their relationship. I vividly remember the scene Spider-Man and MJ shared when they were reunited after she was kidnapped and he introduced her to Captain America. This was way before Cap had any idea who Spider-Man was behind his mask. Mary Jane was such an important part of his life that he simply wanted a hero he completely respected to meet her. But stories like that are null and void since the marriage was erased from existence.  
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Since Peter now has access to a high tech lab after the events of BIG TIME, why doesn't he simply replicate his powers for Mary Jane? It was a simply lab experiment back when he was in high school. How much has technology changed since then? Unless there was something extraordinary about that poor spider that was subjected to radiation and died transferring powers to Peter, he should be able to duplicate the process and give spider-powers to Mary Jane. Is this something that will actually happen? There has been an image teasing the possibility. 
Another option, that I'm not quite sold on, would be that all their years of being...intimate could cause her to gain his abilities. We saw in Spider-Man: Reign that she actually got cancer from years of being by his side. But what if instead, and I'm not trying to be graphic or gross, but what if there was something in the exchange of...saliva or something during kisses that could transfer his powers. Years and years of swapping spit could be just what it takes to give her character a new direction. Again, I don't like this idea as much as Peter creating a way in his lab but it is another option. 
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Peter may be with Carlie Cooper right now but she's no Mary Jane. MJ still cares deeply for Peter but after O.M.I.T., she's decided she can't be with Peter and Spider-Man. Gaining similar abilities would put them on a level playing field. She wouldn't be reduced to the damsel in distress, especially since her character is so much stronger than that. We were teased with Jackpot being Mary Jane and I can't recall if readers made an uproar over that. I think Spider-Man and Mary Jane should be back together. It has been stated since Brand New Day that the two could get back together, there just weren't any plans for them to be married. Why not give Mary Jane powers and let the two lovebirds fight crime and kick butt side by side? It might go against Mary Jane's character but wouldn't that be better than just seeing her making catty faces when watching Peter and Carlie together?
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Posted By bingbangboom

I wouldn't be apposed to it but what kind of hero would she be? My idea is that she gets powers and ends up with Tony Stark, for some reason I just see them clicking and throwing a dynamic curveball into the whole Peter & MJ thing. Maybe Peter doesn't know MJ has powers but finds out Tony and MJ are together. Just a thought but maybe he won't think too fondly of MJ if the main reason why they couldn't be together was the fact that he was a superhero and could put her in danger.

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Posted By SpectrumBlur

 I honestly can't believe no one has brought up how MJ getting powers could tie in to the "Infested" and "Spider Island" teasers Marvel has put out.  You know, where it looks like EVERYONE in Manhattan gets spider-powers.  5 will get you 10 that's what those panels from #654.1 are about.  I'm just wondering if the whole deal with Mephisto will come up again, just because this whole upcoming storyline is tied to the fact that ASM is coming up on issue #666.

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Not really, MJ has shown she can handle herself without them, recently against Catpanexe fan favorite White Rabbit
for example. I like the concept of MJ being a strong female lead character powerless.

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Posted By manofsteel42

Can someone tell me how Spiderman can climb walls w/ shoes on!? In the movies (I know its diff from the comics) he had that finger hair  on his fingers but what about his feets?! How does he do it?

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Posted By bingbangboom
@SpectrumBlur said:
"  I honestly can't believe no one has brought up how MJ getting powers could tie in to the "Infested" and "Spider Island" teasers Marvel has put out.  You know, where it looks like EVERYONE in Manhattan gets spider-powers.  5 will get you 10 that's what those panels from #654.1 are about.  I'm just wondering if the whole deal with Mephisto will come up again, just because this whole upcoming storyline is tied to the fact that ASM is coming up on issue #666. "
I think you hit the nail on the head with when she gets her powers and how it is related. Thing is will she keep them? I doubt it but would be cool and interesting. Oddly enough I find MJ more entertaining as the meddling ex-girlfriend. She dumped him but still hangs out with him. Mixed signals :P Spider-Sense or not, that would drive me crazy. 
@manofsteel42 said:
" Can someone tell me how Spiderman can climb walls w/ shoes on!? In the movies (I know its diff from the comics) he had that finger hair  on his fingers but what about his feets?! How does he do it? "
Um... you are wondering how he can walk on walls with shoes on... but EVERYTHING else you are completely fine with? This is how it happened, Stan Lee was thinking of a superhero and saw a spider. THE END
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Posted By fivestarga

When I first read that Carnage was coming back as a female, MJ was the first person that came to mind. That being said, I'm very glad that didn't happen. I honestly would like to see her get some powers, maybe something completly different from Peter, and have a new role. Go MJ!
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Posted By fivestarga

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind seeing her get the black costume for a while. I'm sure the symbiote wouldn't mind.
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Posted By vance_astro

Mary Jane should die.She has no relevance in the Marvel U anymore.

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Posted By Death Certificate
@NeonNemesis said:
"Don't we already have Black Cat for that? Girl with Superpowers with romantic feeling for Spidey, we're gonna turn MJ into that as well, then you have two similar characters with spiderman in the middle, that is gonna end with a fight between the 2, and the innevitable depowerement of MJ once editorial realizes they need someone in MJ's "powerless" love interest situation. "

Black Cat power's where gone a long time ago.
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Posted By Dark Cell

Thats why Spiderman should Marry the Black Cat! Both are interesting. Both are crime fighters. Felecia has a-bit of a darkside thus making them an interesting couple. Felecia isnt helpless unlike MJ. 
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Posted By brvermee

I wouldn't like it

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Posted By They Killed Cap!

First off I need to say that I hate that they removed Spider and Mj's marriage. I hate it big time. As a kid that was one thing you always new that Spider was dating or married to MJ. I think the only thing worse than this would be to take Lois from Clark. So let me say it once more, I hate it. 
Should she get powers? NOOOOOOO. I guess I am just a traditional guy. In my opinon there is no logical reason to do this and it would feel cheap, next we would hear Aunt May is going to get powers too. NOOO Powers for MJ. She is just a lonely civilian being abused by Marvel writers.
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Posted By Deih

MJ should never ever get superpowers. I hate her.
Parker should go with Felicia Hardy.

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Posted By ddaann1985

Personally i would say no, I kinda like having 'normal' people being add to the cast  of any superhero, it makes it more realistic. I mean, Rick Jones is now a blue monster.... that takes the realism away from the character I think..  Or the lesser known Marvel-character Mayhem , she was a police chief in the Cloak and Dagger series until she almost died and became some sort of spooky menace. I thought that was a real break with the character thus far.
Just my 2 cents :)

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Posted By mr_frosty

I like the idea, but more important is how do they give them to her? Are there still radio-active spiders around? Gamma radiation to spew at her? Perhaps have her stand near window-adjacent chemical storage racks on stormy days? 

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Posted By hydrabob--defunct

why is this thread working and not any of the others?

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Posted By Eternal Chaos

I've been thinking the same thing. Although on a side note, I love all of the attempts to refer to Peter and MJs intimacy. Too funny to me.

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Posted By Evpraksiya
@LightBright said:
" I'm just kind of sick of Mary Jane all together... "
@Vance Astro said:
" Mary Jane should die.She has no relevance in the Marvel U anymore. "  
@Deih said:
" MJ should never ever get superpowers. I hate her.  Parker should go with Felicia Hardy. "        

@manofsteel42 said:
" Can someone tell me how Spiderman can climb walls w/ shoes on!? In the movies (I know its diff from the comics) he had that finger hair  on his fingers but what about his feets?! How does he do it? "
in the movies if you start listing all the crap they feed us you'll never stop...
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Posted By A_O_N

MJ needs the spotlight. Carlie is super annyoing, too.

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Posted By Commisar123

I first thought this would be a lot of bullshit but after reading it i don't hate the ideaa
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Posted By Gylan Thomas

PLEASE GOD NO!!! Why must marvel give every supporting character superpowers?!? Pepper Potts, the entire HULK cast and now this!! Who's next? My money's on Aunt May or Foggy Nelson.

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Posted By The Devil Tiger
@Gylan Thomas said:

PLEASE GOD NO!!! Why must marvel give every supporting character superpowers?!? Pepper Potts, the entire HULK cast and now this!! Who's next? My money's on Aunt May or Foggy Nelson.


Aunt may could replace Mme Web... that would be  cool idea... XD
No, seriously, MJ with superpower could be interesting, but only if Spidey didn't know it and if they were hiding their super ID from each other. 
That's the way karma is screwing on Peter Parker,   
Now, that quoted comment possess some insight, If MJ would get superpower, it would be cool, but too much, Flash Thompson is become Venom, the Osborn are Hobgoblin and Green Goblin and so on... Now, Mj getting superpower would be a bit too much.  
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Posted By Sammo21

Spider-Man is still my favorite comic book hero, but the way MARVEL has handled him since JMS left is down right shameful.  I think the last great spidey series was Marvel Knight Spider-Man.  Since it concluded we have gotten lame storyline after lame storyline.

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Posted By Blacklightning13

I say leave her how she is otherwise it would be just to unlikely of having to people in contact and they both contract superpowers.

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Posted By Selvokaz

I dont think its fair that people hate on MJ the way they do. Felicia is usually more desired by fans because she has meaning in his superhero life style, the same way Catwoman has meaning in Batmans. For people like Batman and Spiderman who people seem to think they can relate to more so, having a plain Jane girlfriend isn't enough for them. Writers even subscribe to this, writing normal friends and love interest to superheroes as basically kind of practical, or drab. Sure they try to write them as engaging as they can but they aren't superheroes themselves so what they can write the character doing is limited, so they ended up being basically mouth pieces for the writer to tell the superhero what is what... thats boring to readers a lot of time though as they want to see the hero get to that conclusion on their own. 
Giving MJ powers is just another way they want to try and revitalize her role in the title. No cares about reading a red headed super model.
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Posted By Mr.Q
having no powers never really stopped her from standing up to Peter's enemies threats before so why would she need them now. if Lois Lane (who had some powers in some off and on issues and else world stories in the past that don't seem to be very well remembered) can remain married to SUPERMAN for as long as she has given her normal status and the fact that Clarks enemies are basically 'GODS' then MJ should not have much of a problem with Shocker. and she's done well so far. what needs to be done is put someone on the Spider books that will listen to the customers and give them what they want rather than poorly conceived fanfiction with an irritating 'Mary Sue' being pushed down their throats..... but what do I know? 
Avatar image for frogjitsu
Posted By frogjitsu

You know what?  i could care less either way, as long as they write entertaining stories.  That's all that matters.

Avatar image for powerherc
Posted By PowerHerc

Nope.  No way.  She's fine the way she is.   
Giving her powers would just convolute and hert the character in the long term.
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Posted By zabrewolf

she already has superpowers, she is super-hot :P

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Posted By kuchiku
Well seeing as how they have given Betty Ross powers, making Mary Jane a super hero wouldn't be a bad thing and could possibly be the solution to Mary and Spider-man getting together again as a 'Super Couple' instead of just a supermodel and some nerdy photographer that gets paid cheap money from a lunatic with a cigar. You stated that Kids wouldnt understand a married superhero, well I think they could understand a married 'super couple' I mean look at Sue and Reed Richards. Mary Jane gaining powers honestly would just progress the spider-man series and definitely make it more interesting. It is something to be considered, Lets just hope some marvel writer stumbles across this lol
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Posted By untammed
@leokearon said:
" MJ with superpowers! That was what Firestar in Spiderman and his Amazing Friends was "
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Posted By sweatboy

can't we just let her drive?.........ok that was a joke

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Posted By GREGalicious

As long as it has NOTHING to do with "spider-powers", then i would have no problem with MJ getting powers...maybe she could be revealed to be a latent mutant or something...

Avatar image for perry_411
Posted By perry_411

I'm hoping this is throwing ideas on the dart board, but nearly EVERYONE close to spidey's age gets some sort of empowerment.

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Posted By Mr_Wayne69

The power to repel Joe Quesada! Oh wait...

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Posted By deadpoon

 I'd like to see what would happen to them as a team.  
Things could get  very exciting.

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Posted By Screamolad

I Think She Should be not The same powers as spiderman. they shuld come up with other powers. but to duplicate spidermans powers hell no i would not want to see that. it would ruin the whole idea. spiderman wouldnt be spiderman anymore. it would be called spiderman and spiderwomen. i wouldnt read that. I think they should make her beable to do other stuff and not like wat spiderman can do. But Mary Jane should get powers but not like spiderman.
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Posted By Loralon

Spider Man should be paired with another super hero.  My first choice would be Ms Marvel - Carol Danvers.  Both are Avengers and have complicated back stories and histories.  There is much to mine for story lines.  Dan Slott...  Lets see it!
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No. In fact, I feel there are too many versions of characters as there is. I follow DC more than Marvel, so I'll use them as an example. What happens when Cassandra Cain comes back? Will she become Spoiler? Will Spoiler go back to that costume, which she never should have been taken out of? Will Dick Greyson go back to Nightwing, thus making that costume inferior to Batman, instead of equal too? In fact, there should be less heros in general.

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Posted By Kairan1979

I remember alternate MJ from Exiles comic book. She was that universe's Spider-Woman and had a brief affair with Sunfire.

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Posted By Violet-Eyed Dragon

i think spidey should be with ms. marvel

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Posted By PowerHerc

Nope. No way. No how.  Never.

It would ruin her as a character. 

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Posted By Comiclove5

It definitely seems like a possibility with Spider-Island coming up.

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Edited By fodigg

I wouldn't mind a superpowered MJ. I didn't mind a superpowered Flash.

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Posted By PowerHerc

No, nay, never.

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Posted By CJFinnegan

I wouldn't mind it if MJ had superpowers. It would put her on par with Peter, and give her some empathy for what he goes through being Spider-Man.

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Posted By Soulstealer

Personally I'd like the Black Widow to vanish with Winter Soldier, and MJ to become the new Widow. Her and Agent Venom should then team up and it would be more amazing if neither knew whom the other was.

So no I don't think MJ needs powers, but I would like the whole her just being the beautiful girl of Peter's dreams to be over with. And it could be interesting to see MJ become a super spy while all the while pulling a normal life out of a hat.

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Posted By Wenvertn

well she did technically get super powers during spider island

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Posted By vance_astro

MJ should just die and not exist anymore.

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Posted By SexualLobster