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Off My Mind: New Wonder Woman Vs. Old Wonder Woman

Will we see the return of the Wonder Woman we all know?

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Ever since Wonder Woman got a make over and new direction, readers have not been sure what to think. I've been a Wonder Woman reader since the 80s and while I do like her, I wouldn't say I was a die hard fan. When news broke about Wonder Woman's new costume and that she'd be on the run from some mysterious group, I was okay with that. In comic books, things may change but they (almost) always revert back to their old ways.  
Reading the current J. Michael Straczynski run, I've been wondering what the heck is going on. I referred to this as being "Ultimate" Wonder Woman as Marvel has their Ultimate line. It was this image you see here from The Flash #6 that mentioned a time paradox involving Wonder Woman. Apparently I missed mention of the Gods changing the timeline for their own reason which could involve the their survival and/or the survival of Earth. Am I the only one that missed this explanation?
Even though Straczynski is leaving the book and Phil Hester will continue using JMS' notes and outlines, how long until we see the return of the Wonder Woman we all know? Should we see a return of the old Wonder Woman? 
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  Which look is better?
 Which look is better?
For the four issues that we've seen so far, I haven't been able to decide if I like the new direction or not. I'd like to think that JMS had a nice big plan for the character. I just wasn't seeing it so far. Straczynski intended to stay on for at least twelve issues so we're not even half way through his vision.  
If it's just a matter of the "timeline" being mucked around with, that can easily be least as easy as it is to change time in comics. I can't say I really like that excuse though. "Let's give Wonder Woman a new start in her own timeline." Does this mean we wouldn't see her interact with the other heroes since she doesn't know them in this timeline? Do they even exist here? Does Wonder Woman still exist in the regular DC timeline? In the recent Justice League of America/The 99 mini series, Wonder Woman is along side her fellow teammates in her new costume. This just makes me more confused. Regardless, if Batman could make it through when Darkseid sent him on his journey through time, let's hope Wonder Woman can make it through this mess as well.
I don't have a problem with the costume change. She could alternate between the two looks for all I care. I just don't know who this Wonder Woman is in the current comics. Normally I would support a story trying something new but I don't see the point of creating a new timeline/direction just to have everything revert back to normal in the end. This might be interesting to some readers but with each issue, I'm finding myself caring less and less. Wonder Woman can be a tough sell. Straczynski, Simone and Rucka are great writers but the title has always struggled in trying to reach comic readers. Maybe it's reluctance on readers' part to really get into Wonder Woman. It isn't necessary to push a reset button and start Wonder Woman all over outside the DC Universe just to make her accessible to new readers. 
So who's with me? Let's put out the call to the "Gods" to stop these timeline shenanigans and bring back the Wonder Woman we all know. There needs to be a focus on that character rather than try to reinvent her. Once she's back, then we can talk about what she should be wearing.