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Off My Mind: More Death Coming In Marvel's SIEGE

Seems you can't have an event without lots of death.

So far in Marvel Siege, we've seen Soldier Field in Chicago get blown up and a certain Avenger get ripped in half. As you can imagine, the death toll is far from over. In the checklist Marvel released for Siege, you might have noticed for April a book called "Fallen" with the note saying that wasn't the final title. The question remains, who will be falling? 
Yesterday Diamond released a teaser image with an updated solicit:

No Caption Provided

FALLEN (Not Final Title)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

(W) To Be Announced

(A) Tom Raney

Cover by Leinil Yu

The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed many lives, and in this, its final chapter, a universe comes together to mourn (CLASSIFIED).  The shocking death that ended the fight and gave birth to a new Heroic Age is remembered as a writer (CLASSIFIED) returns to lead the farewells.

Let's take a look at this image. First, let's check out the hands pictured. We have Spider-Man and Thor on the right, possibly Mr. Fantastic on the bottom (it looks like his arm stretching in the background), Black Widow on the left and I'm assuming Iron Man's metallic hand at the top. We can rule out any of those characters as being the one to "fall." We can probably rule out any of the characters seen in the Heroic Age image and Avengers teasers.
Now let's look more closely at the shadowed person (Marvel is using the shadows a lot lately). Maybe it's me but it almost looks a little obvious as to who it could be. Who do I think it looks like?
 If it is this person that "falls," would the other heroes be that concerned? This person did some...questionable things and as noble as the heroes might be, they probably wouldn't be able to dance with joy over this person dying. The fact that the solicit says "a universe comes together to mourn (CLASSIFIED) makes me wonder if it is this person. Maybe this will be about redemption. Perhaps this individual will be able to turn things around to end the Dark Reign of Norman and thus, gaining the forgiveness of all the heroes.
But is this really how Siege is going to end, with another death? Who do you think the 'fallen' individual is?